Amazon Fake Product Processing and Complaints-Best Guide

There are many rules and policies on the Amazon platform to regulate various behaviors of users and sellers, and some sellers are wondering how to deal with Amazon fake product? Here is the introduction about this.

Amazon is committed to providing a reliable shopping experience for Amazon buyers. Selling on Amazon means that the seller agrees:

● Selling Amazon fake product is strictly prohibited;

● Selling goods that are illegal to sell, such as goods that are illegally copied, reproduced, or manufactured is strictly prohibited;

● If Amazon requires the seller to provide a record of the authenticity of the merchandise, such record must be provided.

Penalties for selling Amazon fake product:

Failure of a seller to comply with this policy can result in loss of selling rights, withholding of funds, destruction of Amazon’s inventory, and blocking.


Amazon fake product

Amazon fake product


If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the FBA Product Inventory Management:

How does control selling Amazon fake product?

Robust, proactive controls

Amazon will leverage specialized machine learning technology and expert human verification to proactively avoid and maintain to prevent counterfeit sellers from taking advantage of the situation.

In the previous year, Amazon blocked a total of more than 6 million abnormal seller account application registrations, preventing a large number of fake products from coming online from the root.

Powerful tools for brands

Amazon offers tools such as brand registration, Transparency and ProjectZero to help brands stop counterfeits. In the last year, Amazon has increased the number of brands applying brand maintenance tools, and the Amazon Transparency Program alone has provided maintenance for more than 500 million products.

Prosecution of counterfeiters

This also means that Amazon is going to use criminal complaints and lawsuits to hold counterfeiters accountable, which is not a bad move.

Over the last year, Amazon has gradually begun reporting all identified counterfeiters to law enforcement agencies in Canada, China, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States, in an effort to permanently deter counterfeiters.


Amazon fake product

Amazon fake product


If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.

But if you’ve been wrongly accused of selling counterfeit goods by a consumer complaint, how do you file a complaint on your behalf?

Amazon Counterfeiting Complaints

Amazon counterfeiting complaints can be quite difficult for sellers who want to make a complaint. Whether it is successful depends on two aspects: the plan of action (POA, also known as the complaint letter) and supporting materials, both of which are indispensable. So read on for more details.

Fake sales complaints, product inauthenticity, also called inauthenticity complaints. It is when Amazon has serious doubts about the authenticity of the product you are selling.

As a result, Amazon has decided to suspend sales on your store, freezing your funds and inventory. It requires you to provide proof that the product is authentic before it will decide whether you can continue to sell on Amazon.

1. Provide supporting documents

Proof of authenticity is evidence of the authenticity of the product, such as invoices, receipts, contracts, delivery notes and so on. Special attention should be paid to the fact that, in addition to ensuring the authenticity of the supporting materials, they also need to be complete.

2、Email complaint

The key to writing a vocal complaint email lies in these points:

A:To descript where the problem is already clear, it is best to be able to tell Amazon you think you are in violation of which sales policy, and is unintentionally violated.

B:To descript you can really solve the problem and prevent similar problems from recurring measures, and clearly tell Amazon what your measures.
Generally speaking, Amazon will receive the complaint content within 48 hours to view, evaluate, make a decision, and then send the final results to the seller by Email or background Notification.

If your account has been blocked for sell Amazon fake product, this piece of article has more detailed methods to teach you how to deal with it:

Why Amazon account locked | How To Solve?


FBA product preparationAmazon fake product


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