Win the Amazon Buy Box | 5 Best Guides for Sellers

Amazon Buy Box is a crucial factor in the competition for sellers on Amazon, and it directly affects the exposure and sales conversion of a seller’s products.

However, the Amazon Buy Box does not always belong to a certain seller, it can be taken away by other sellers at any time. To get back the lost Amazon Buy Box, you must first understand the reasons for losing it, and only when you find the reasons and address them in a targeted way can you recover it as soon as possible.

Reasons for Amazon Buy Box loss

Newly shelved products

Newly shelved products usually have not yet accumulated enough weight in the Amazon system, especially self-shipment products, so it is likely that there is no Amazon Buy Box.

Experiencing followers

If other sellers are also selling the same product, the system will assign carts based on the seller’s performance, shipping method, price and other factors. Sellers who are performing well are usually given cart rights for a longer period of time.

No sales for a long period of time or a sharp drop in sales

If a product has no sales for a long period of time or a sharp drop in sales, it will cause the weight of the product in the system to drop drastically, thus losing the Amazon Buy Box rights.

Low conversion rate

Low conversion rate indicates that the product does not match the consumer demand, the system will target to reduce the weight of the product, resulting in the loss of the Amazon Buy Box.

Too many bad reviews

too many bad reviews will significantly reduce the weight of the product, which may lead to the loss of the Amazon Buy Box.


Amazon Buy Box


If you want a better way to deal with negative reviews, maybe this article can help you:

How Do Sellers Deal With Bad Amazon Reviews Efficiently?

Product price rises significantly and does not have a price advantage

A significant increase in the price of the product within a short period of time may lead to the loss of the Amazon Buy Box.

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.

Ways to win the Amazon Buy Box

Many Amazon sellers mistakenly believe that once they win a Amazon Buy Box, it is always theirs. In reality, the Amazon Buy Box can be taken away by other sellers at any time. Here are the conditions and methods to quickly acquire a Amazon Buy Box Buy Box:

Manage product shelves efficiently

make sure the process of shelving products is quick and effective.

The video below gives you a more vivid introduction how to win the BUY BOX:


Have a professional seller account

Only professional seller accounts are eligible to win the Amazon Buy Box, individual seller accounts are not eligible. Only new products are eligible to win carts, used/refurbished products usually do not.

Set Goals

Set goals on each key variable, focusing on variables that have a significant impact. For example, reduce shipping time to stand out from the competition.

Seller Performance

Maintain good seller performance, including order defect rates, cancellation rates, and late shipment rates.

Ensure adequate inventory

Amazon Buy Boxs are important for product sales and conversions, ensure that inventory is adequate. Out of stock will result in failure to win carts.

Ship in a timely manner

For self-shipping sellers, it is important to ship orders quickly and on time. Customer experience directly impacts seller performance metrics. Ensure that all orders are marked as shipped within 72 hours, even if there is a brief out-of-stock situation, as early as possible.


Amazon Buy Box


Price optimization

Adjust prices in real time, including manual adjustments, rule adjustments and tool adjustments. Price is one of the key factors Amazon considers, but not the only one. Big sellers usually use Amazon’s price adjustment software to get competitive prices.

Actively get feedback

Increase the amount of feedback, but be careful to avoid bad reviews.

Prevent followers

Be aware if there are other sellers who are following the seller and deal with the followers situation in a timely manner.

Contact seller support

If you are not sure about the reason of lost cart, you can contact seller support and wait for the system to reallocate the cart by lowering the price according to the suggestion.

Avoid bad reviews

actively manage buyer feedback, especially bad reviews. Solve problems through communication to improve buyers’ impression of the product and avoid bad reviews.

Do not change product information arbitrarily

Changing product information arbitrarily may result in the loss of the Amazon Buy Box, such as merging or splitting variants, changing the product category, etc.

The Amazon Buy Box assignment algorithm takes into account multiple variables, including seller history, price, and other factors to evaluate a product’s Amazon Buy Box assignment. Amazon assigns carts to products that are considered the best purchase options for shoppers, but it also rotates the assignment among multiple sellers.
As a result, competing for carts requires sellers to consider multiple factors to improve their chances of winning a cart.

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