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Air freight is convenient and efficient, and the correct air freight packaging requirements are crucial for the transportation of goods.

To ensure that the goods are safe and undamaged from the place of origin until they reach the consignee, it is necessary to know more about the necessary packaging requirements for air transportation in order to ensure safe and efficient transportation of goods.


Air freight packaging requirements


Air freight packaging requirements

  1. Goods packaging should be strong, intact, in the process of transportation to prevent rupture of the package, the contents of the leakage, loss; to prevent damage or deterioration of the goods due to yardage, friction, shock, or due to changes in air pressure, temperature; to prevent harm to the operator or contamination of the aircraft, ground equipment and other items.
  2. Packaging in addition to the nature of the goods should be suitable for the state and weight, but also to facilitate the handling, loading and unloading and yardage; packaging the outer surface can not be prominent nails, hooks, thorns, etc.; packaging should be clean, dry, no odor and grease.
  3. For goods with limited conditions for collection and transportation, such as live animals, fresh and perishable goods, dangerous goods, etc., the packaging shall comply with the requirements and provisions of this manual.
  4. The cushioning materials (e.g. wood shavings, paper shavings) inside the package should not leak out.  
  5. Except for goods packed in paper bags (e.g. documents, information, etc.), all consignments should be strapped with packing tape. It is strictly prohibited to use straw bag packing or straw rope to bundle the goods.
  6. The packing tape used to bundle the goods should be able to withstand the full weight of the goods, and to ensure that the handling of the goods will not be disconnected.
  7. If the packaging of the goods does not comply with the relevant provisions of this manual, the shipper should be required to improve or re-packaging before accepting the shipment.


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Air freight packaging requirements


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Air freight packaging requirements-Special Cargo

Precise and fragile goods

The gross weight of a single piece of cargo should not exceed 25kg, and can be packed by the following methods:

  1. Multi-level packaging: i.e. goods – cushioning materials – inner packaging – cushioning materials – transportation packaging (outer packaging).
  2. Suspended packaging: that is, with a few springs or ropes, from the box in all directions to suspend the goods in the middle of the box.
  3. Anti-inversion packaging: that is, the chassis has a large portable handle ring or roof type box cover packaging; should not be placed flat glass panels, windshield, etc. must use such packaging.
  4. Glassware packaging: should use sufficient thickness of foam and other cushioning materials wrapped tightly, plus a strong corrugated cardboard box or wooden box, the box shall not be shaken.
  5. Air freight packaging requirements – bare goods, not afraid to touch the pressure of the goods

No need to pack, such as tires, etc.; it is not easy to count the number of pieces, irregular shape, shape and transport equipment similar to the aircraft or easy to damage the goods, should use rope, burlap wrapping or additional packaging.


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Air Freight Packaging Requirements


Air freight packaging requirements – packaging materials

Carton: Should be able to withstand the total weight of similar packaged goods yarded 3 meters high or 4 layers.

Wooden box: Thickness and structure should be suitable for the safe transportation of goods; wooden boxes containing valuables, precision instruments, fragile items, shall not be corroded insects, cracks and other defects.

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