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Amazon is a relatively well-developed cross-border e-commerce platform, and there are more and more merchants doing this. Is Amazon FBA worth it In 2023?

Is Amazon FBA Worth It In 2023?

Amazon is worth it! But you need to be careful.

Amazon in 2023 is also a platform facing great challenges and opportunities. Like other online retailers, it needs to deal with a series of problems such as bottlenecks in the global supply chain, new lows in the shipping index, increases in various costs, and fierce competition, so it is right for everyone to enter the game cautiously.

Is Amazon FBA Worth It In 2023?

Is Amazon FBA Worth It In 2023?

How does the Amazon platform do well?

1. There is a stable supply of goods

This does not necessarily require a factory customer, or a trader with more than ten years to have an advantage. Before you open an Amazon store, you need to consider what products to make, and communicate clearly with the manufacturer in advance. Don’t wait for the store to issue an order, but fail to deliver the goods.

2. Funds

Working capital is very necessary. After all, only by maintaining sufficient project liquidity can we flexibly respond to various emergencies, make Amazon stores more dynamic, and make the cross-border road more stable and farther.

Amazon FBA fees include these:
Marketing, operation and maintenance costs. For example, basic expenses (including computer equipment, routers, network broadband, printers, VISA or MASTER dual-currency credit card processing, etc.), platform monthly rent and product commissions, first batch of stocking expenses, Amazon FBA shipping costs, storage fees, collection fees, On-site and off-site advertisements, etc.

Is Amazon FBA Worth It In 2023?

Is Amazon FBA Worth It In 2023?

3. Professional operators

Most of Amazon’s sites belong to developed countries, such as the US site, UK site, Germany site, Japan site, Canada site, Australia site, etc.

Therefore, language is the first requirement. At least your title needs to conform to the search mechanism of the platform and the search habits of overseas consumers. Secondly, the first impression of e-commerce is the sales picture. It is especially important to understand the aesthetic art design of overseas consumers.

4. Time investment

You also need to consider a question: How much time can you spend on the store every day? How much energy can you invest in the store? Can you seriously sell 5 products in a day? And how long are you going to give yourself to let the store grow?

5. Familiar with Amazon cross-border e-commerce rules and policies

Amazon FBA for beginners, it is very necessary to master the basic operating rules, red lines, etc. of the platform. Compliant operation is the foundation. If the red line is not touched, trouble will not come to your door.

Amazon FBA shipping requirements

1. Weight requirements

The Amazon FBA center stipulates that a single box cannot exceed 30JG, which is the average weight requirement for most goods. Different countries have slightly different requirements. For example, in Europe, the European station requires no more than 15kg.

American standard requirements: 22KG, if the box is overweight, a sign of overweight should be affixed on the front of the box.

Is Amazon FBA Worth It In 2023?

Amazon PO Number New Policy

Is Amazon FBA Worth It In 2023?

The size of any side of the carton cannot exceed 63.5cm, unless the size of a single shipment exceeds 63.5cm. Cartons with a single size exceeding 63.5cm (eg: non-transportable) must be placed on a standard 1000x1250mm pallet (UK) or 800x1200mm pallet (other European countries), unless the carton size of a single shipment of goods exceeds the standard pallet size.

2. Box requirements

1. Do not use soft and easily damaged cartons. The packaging must be hard enough to withstand any external pressure during the transportation of goods.

2. When using recycled cartons, make sure the box flaps are intact.

3. Do not add fillers, protective panels, cardboard, etc. around the carton.

If you need to know more, please refer to sellercentral.

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Is Amazon FBA Worth It In 2023?

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