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The import from China to USA taxes are an inescapable problem. There will be US tariffs on US air and US ocean shipments with a $30 minimum and no restrictions. Merchandise value below $800 is duty free. Of course, there are many customers choose to use US express channel to avoid the taxes .

Import from China to USA taxes for all kinds products

Clothing products taxes (cotton: 16%)

Customers who have been engaged in the clothing industry know that the tariff classification of clothing is too much.

There can be garments of the same style and made of different materials, but the tariffs will be different. There is also a gap between the tariffs for men’s women’s and children’s clothing, formal and casual clothing, and there is a gap between different tariffs on different clothing fabrics before there is also a gap.

Here’s another article on how to find wholesale clothing in China:

To Find the Best Alibaba Wholesale Clothing Suppliers Guide

Import from China to USA taxes

Import from China to USA taxes


LED products taxes (LED lights: 3.9%)

LED may not be as diverse as the classification tariffs for apparel products.The tariffs for LED lamps and lanterns are generally 3.9%.

Furniture products taxes (furniture: 1%)

Furniture also accounts for a relatively large share of China’s exports to the United States. Tariffs on furniture products are generally around 1%. However, sometimes there are anti-dumping related products in furniture where the anti-dumping duty can be as high as 227%, such as bedroom bedding.


Import from China to USA taxes

Import from China to USA taxes


Taxes on solar products (anti-dumping)

Currently, solar products are in the anti-dumping phase in the U.S., so many customers exporting such products are deterred by seeing such high anti-dumping tariffs.

How to check import from China to USA taxes?

U.S. tariffs are very detailed. Open the U.S. import tariff website: Enter the product name to enter the website, click on “search” or enter the first 4 or 6 digits of the HS code.

Enter your product name to see the import tariff (Rates of Duty).

What do Tariffs 1 and 2 mean for imports from China to the United States?

The “General” in Tariff 1 is the tariff for most of the world’s imports (Chinese products are subject to this tariff rate);

Special” in Tariff 1 refers to tariffs levied on imports into the United States from countries that have their own relevant FTAs;

Tariff 2 applies to tariffs on imports from specialty countries with which the U.S. does not have trade relations (Cuba and North Korea).


Import from China to USA taxes


Tips:Exemption Rules

The exemption rule is conditional and subject to exceptions. According to the U.S. Customs Regulation (Uscustomsregulation 19cfr10.151), goods subject to this exemption need to meet the following requirements:

  1. The goods must be imported by the same person on the same day;
  2. LCL goods delivered to the same final consignee will be treated as one imported shipment (i.e., the same person imported on the same day more than one shipment plus more than 800 U.S. dollars in total will not be exempted);
  3. Alcoholic beverages, perfumes containing alcohol (unless the total fair retail value of all goods in the country of shipment does not exceed 5 U.S. dollars), cigars or cigarettes are not duty-free.

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