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Logistics is an important part of shipping from China to Florida. Today, many US importers buy from wholesale sites such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, etc.
There are 3 modes of shipping from China to Florida: express, air and sea.

Air shipping from China to Florida

Both air freight and express use planes to transport goods. If you want to know the difference between the two and when to choose express or air, keep reading.
The difference between air shipping from China to Florida and express.

Express is very simple and straightforward, while air freight is a little more complicated, and its import and export procedures are similar to traditional sea freight. It includes the following three steps:
China local logistics and export process.
Air freight from Chinese airports to US airports.
U.S. local logistics and import process.

Usually, if your cargo exceeds 500kg, air freight is cost-effective. If your cargo is under 300kg, express will be a better choice. But what if the cargo is between 300-500kg?

Right now, it’s impossible to say exactly which is cheaper, as the prices of both always change in real-time. For example, FedEx is cheaper than air freight if the FedEx plane has many vacancies or has occasional discounts.

shipping from China to Florida

Cost breakdown of air shipping from China to Florida

If you are a newbie, you can keep the above shipping rates in mind and ask your Chinese supplier or freight forwarder for help. However, you can carry out the shipping process yourself, then the next one will surely interest you.

First of all, the chargeable weight for air freight from China to USA is also calculated by actual weight or volume, similar to express delivery. But air freight has its own formula for calculating volumetric weight, namely: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)/6000, which is slightly different from express delivery.

Also, if you’re shipping the goods yourself, you should know the cost of air shipping the various parts, as it’s not just the all-inclusive price.

Sea shipping from China to Florida

Sea shipping from China to Florida takes about 30-40 days because Florida is located in the eastern part of the United States.

Port-to-port shipping time refers to the time from the day the ship sails until the ship arrives at the destination port, but does not include the delay in unloading due to the peak shipping season or worker strikes, the impact of the epidemic, import customs declaration and other reasons. .

The door-to-door time of shipping from China to the USA includes domestic delivery time, export customs declaration, waiting for ships, shipping time, US customs clearance, and delivery and delivery of a series of work. In theory, if everything goes well, the door-to-door time from China to the United States is 25-40 days.

shipping from China to Florida

Process of sea shipping from China to Florida

The process of exporting is the same as the process of importing by sea from the United States to China. All aspects of shipping must go through. The following is an introduction to the whole process of shipping from a Chinese factory to a warehouse in the United States, provided that the goods meet the shipping requirements of the shipping company, and both the consignee and the consignor have their own local shipping forwarding companies.

Shipping Inquiry: Inquire about the costs of the sea shipping from China to Florida;

Sea booking: to sea international freight forwarding companies, shipping companies, American line LCL companies

Pick-up: pick up the goods into the warehouse or load the container into the factory and then return to the dock, fumigate and sterilize, and weigh;

Export customs declaration: declare the export of goods to China Customs by a shipping agency or a customs broker;

Ocean Bill of Lading Information: Provide accurate ocean bill of lading information

US customs data declaration: ISF and AMS data declaration, the declaration document unique to the US line. Import and export companies without American shipping experience are advised to consult a

professional American shipping freight forwarding company.

Shipping to the US: Shipping

U.S. import customs clearance: Usually, the consignee entrusts a local international freight forwarding company or customs clearance company in the United States to provide services. Pick-up: Pick up the container from the dock and send it to the warehouse or go to the LCL agency warehouse to pick up the goods.

shipping from China to Florida

Cost of shipping from China to Florida

The formula for calculating the LCL shipping from China to Florida: RT refers to the charging unit, and the actual gross weight of the goods is divided by the volume.
LCL to the basic ports in the western and eastern parts of the United States: New York, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami. The proportion of goods is 1CBM=1000.0 kg. That is, one cubic meter of LCL is shipped to these ports in the United States, and the weight is less than 1 ton, and the freight is calculated according to the number of dollars per cubic meter.

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