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Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, with many categories and a huge user base. Sports products are one of the important categories on Amazon, covering many types, such as sports shoes, sports apparel, sports accessories, etc.

How to ship sports products to Amazon FBA?

ship sports products to Amazon FBA

ship sports products to Amazon FBA

To ship sports products to Amazon FBA can be done in the following ways:

International Express

Among several ways to ship goods to Amazon warehouse, international express is one of the more common and flexible ways. The goods are transported to Amazon warehouse through international express companies (such as UPS, DHL, etc.), and the express company will complete the customs clearance procedures, but the goods may need to wait for some time when they arrive at Amazon warehouse.

Air + truck delivery

freight companies set to a certain amount of goods, the first air package board fly to the United States Amazon warehouse near the city, the freight company’s agent customs clearance company to complete customs clearance, and then handed over to the courier company to send into the warehouse. This way is slightly worse than the first kind of time efficiency, but the price is affordable, fast time efficiency.

Sea + truck delivery

general logistics companies wait until the goods are enough for a container, the entire container of goods loaded on board the ship to the U.S. Amazon nearby ports, the U.S. East generally to New York about 28 days, the U.S. West to Los Angeles about 18 days;ship sports products to Amazon FBA

The goods to the United States, the freight company’s customs clearance agency to complete customs clearance, and then handed over to the trucking company to send into the warehouse, the trucking company needs to make an appointment in advance before delivery, get the trucking company needs to make an appointment in advance before delivery, and can enter the warehouse only after getting the reservation number from Amazon.

ship sports products to Amazon FBA

ship sports products to Amazon FBA

Noted when ship sports products to Amazon FBA

Choose a reliable logistics company

Sellers need to find a third-party logistics company to help transport their products to the FBA warehouse given by Amazon. This is often said by sellers fba head office, so choose a good logistics company can save a lot of logistics costs.

Choose the right product

Different products have different shipping requirements. For sports products, special attention needs to be paid to packaging and shockproof. Sellers can choose the right packaging according to the characteristics of the product and transport requirements, such as air cushion film packaging, shockproof foam, etc., to ensure that the product is not damaged in the transportation process.

Control the number of shipments

For Amazon FBA shipping, quantity is also a point that needs attention. Sending too much will lead to product stagnation and waste of storage fees, and sending too little will lead to out-of-stock phenomenon due to insufficient inventory, affecting product sales. Therefore, sellers need to control the number of shipments reasonably according to the estimated sales.

Compliance with Amazon policies

Before shipping products to Amazon FBA, sellers need to understand Amazon’s policies and regulations. If certain categories of products have specific restrictions and requirements, such as rates and packaging requirements, they need to comply with Amazon’s requirements in order to avoid products being taken off the shelves or penalized due to non-compliance with the policies.

Product labeling and certification

For sports products, labeling and certification is also a point that needs attention. Sellers need to ensure that the labeling of their products meets Amazon’s requirements, such as label content and label placement. In addition, the product also needs to obtain relevant certifications, such as CE certification, UL certification, etc., to improve the competitiveness of the product.ship sports products to Amazon FBA

ship kitchen supplies to Amazon FBA

ship sports products to Amazon FBA

Inventory management

During the shipping process, sellers need to ensure sufficient inventory to avoid sales being hampered by out-of-stocks. If there is a shortage of inventory, the inventory can be replenished in time through a replenishment program to ensure that sales are not affected.

Order Tracking

After shipping the products to Amazon FBA, sellers need to track the status and progress of the order to solve possible problems, such as delayed or damaged goods, in a timely manner.

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