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Many Amazon sellers know how to increase sales on Amazon, but can not find a way, as long as the quality of the product is excellent, liked by consumers, and then appropriate to increase some exposure, product promotion, product sales will naturally increase.

Today we will take you to understand how to improve Amazon sales.

How to increase sales on Amazon

Increase exposure

If the product exposure is high, it can easily attract customers to click, after clicking on the product conversion, so that sales will also increase, in order to increase exposure can choose to advertise inside and outside the station, or let the keywords on the first page to operate.


How to increase sales on Amazon

How to increase sales on Amazon


Optimize listing

The better the listing is optimized, the more evaluations received, the higher the conversion rate will be, and the seller’s turnover will increase, but the seller must ensure that the targeting of real consumers. For optimized listings, the best title is limited to 80 characters or less, and all special signs should be avoided.

Product detail page

Good product details page can inspire buyers to buy desire, so optimize the product details page is very necessary, it is recommended to start from the following points, such as the main picture should be done to look good, to increase the consumer’s desire to buy, the price should be better than the same kind of goods, the description of the product should be simple, clear and attractive.

Pet good reviews

According to research, ninety percent of consumers say that good products will directly affect other consumers’ desire to buy, and the product has a high positive feedback, which means that the quality of the product is better, with some promotion, it helps to improve the sales of Amazon products, which is a good method.


How to increase sales on Amazon

How to increase sales on Amazon


Seek network professionals to promote

In today’s time, the network is very developed, so it is the best to let the network people to promote. You can choose the network of people with a lot of fans, so that the product is very easy to sell, but the network of people to promote also need some of the cost, it is not recommended that novice sellers do this.

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.

How to increase sales on Amazon – aids


Sif is a website that analyzes the flow of product keywords. Through Sif, we can query the keywords and traffic analysis of excellent competitors, borrow the words of high traffic, and then advertise, the effect will be immediate.


Similarweb is a website analysis tool. You can analyze the traffic information of each website, traffic sources, visits, visit duration, bounce rate and other key data.
We can use him to monitor competitors’ websites, master their dynamics, know your enemy and know yourself.


How to increase sales on Amazon

How to increase sales on Amazon



Thereviewindex is a tool that analyzes product reviews and identifies whether product scores are affected by fake reviews. Comments on how important sellers, we all understand, we can improve their products based on real reviews.

We can improve our products based on real reviews. We can also monitor our competitors, after all, we can’t check every review of our competitors one by one. Using Thereviewindex, we can clearly see the number of reviews of competitors, review keywords, the ratio of positive and negative reviews and other data.

Selling on Amazon and finding a reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder is a big step towards success.

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