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Some American importers do not know the relevant knowledge and laws of international freight, nor do they know the process of freight, so it is easy to delay things. With the increasing demand for international freight in my country, some China freight forwarder to USA have also begun to appear.

China freight forwarder accepts the entrustment of the consignee and consignor of import and export goods, handles the international cargo transportation and related business for the consignor in the name of the consignor or its own, and collects labor remuneration.

China freight forwarder to USA service scope includes, overseas delivery, foreign customs declaration, space booking, packaging, domestic customs clearance, domestic storage, domestic delivery, etc.

China freight forwarder to USA

Who does the China freight forwarder to USA serve?

Serve the consignee

When the consignee in a country has goods arriving, it will provide import services for it, and the agent will go through customs clearance and customs clearance, and provide the bills of lading required for import such as: customs declaration, bill of lading, packing list, commodity inspection certificate, commercial invoice, etc. .

Serve customs

When a China freight forwarder to USA acts as a customs agent for customs formalities regarding import and export of goods, it represents not only his clients but also the customs authorities. In fact, in many countries, he has obtained the permission of these authorities to go through customs formalities and is responsible for customs, and is responsible for declaring the exact amount, quantity and name of goods in the documents issued in advance, so that the government does not have any problems in these aspects. suffer loss.

Serve the carrier

The China freight forwarder to USA makes a timely booking with the carrier, negotiates fair and reasonable fees for both the consignor and the carrier, arranges delivery at an appropriate time, and resolves issues such as freight accounts with the carrier in the name of the consignor.

China freight forwarder to USA

China freight forwarder to USA brings benefits

1. Help with relevant procedures. Provide one-stop shipping from China to USA. China freight forwarder to USA can provide one-stop services for shippers. One of them is to handle various procedures on their behalf. This is actually a very humanized service, which can help many shipments. People solve procedural problems.

2. Reasonably arrange freight routes and freight methods to save money for the enterprise to the greatest extent!

3. The China freight forwarder to USA can arrange the transportation of the goods to the relevant customs ports, and at the same time arrange the communication with the carrier throughout the whole process.

4. To deal with the issue of customs duties and taxes, in terms of customs duties, international freight forwarding companies have more experience and are very trustworthy!
The business scope of international freight forwarding companies is relatively wide, such as customs clearance, space booking, air transportation, sea transportation, multimodal transportation, packaging, warehousing, domestic logistics, etc. So what are the procedures of international freight forwarding?

Precautions for cooperation with China freight forwarder to USA

Working with a well-known international freight forwarder has its advantages. They have the ability to get great prices and preferential treatment from large air and ocean carriers. But popularity means that during busy times, big customers will get preferential treatment to the detriment of smaller customers.

In fact, in a recent mystery shopping survey, only 35% of large freight forwarders responded to small business requests for quotes.

China freight forwarder to USA

Is the price of the China freight forwarder to USA more important or the service?

Of course, there are also China freight forwarder to USA who are price-leading. That almost certainly means a drop in service. Depending on the services they cut – for example, some forwarders focus on just one trade route or only air freight – this may not affect your business. Beware of freight forwarders who are stingy with customer service. In international shipping, many things can and do go wrong.

The stories you’ve heard about the number of containers lost at sea are urban myths. In fact, only a very small number of containers are lost each year. More often, goods do get lost, stolen, damaged and delayed. If this seems to happen a lot with your shipments, it’s time to start looking for a more reliable freight forwarder.

How to find a reliable China freight forwarder to USA? Xiongda summarizes several practical tips:

1. First, choose a freight forwarding company that has been established for no less than 2-3 years;

2. Ask for a price list, compare a few more, choose products with high price-performance ratio, and carefully read the promises of the freight forwarding company, and do not exaggerate the time limit;

3. Choose a freight forwarder with an advantageous line according to your own market. For example, if you are mainly targeting the American market, choose a freight forwarder with an advantageous line in the United States;

4. Choose a professional and patient account manager;

5. Prepare at least two freight forwarders. If there is any problem with one freight forwarder, the other freight forwarder can make up for it at any time.

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