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After opening a store and becoming a seller on Amazon, how to find products to sell on Amazon? An effective sourcing strategy is one of the keys to success. Quality merchandise sourcing ensures a stable supply chain and controlled product quality, which in turn boosts sales.

How to find products to sell on Amazon

1. online wholesale marketplace

Amazon sellers can find potential suppliers through online wholesale marketplaces. Some well-known wholesale marketplaces, such as Alibaba, Made-in-China and so on. Sellers can screen suitable suppliers on these platforms according to their product needs and establish contact with sellers.

2. Participate in trade shows

Trade shows bring together suppliers from all over the world. Sellers can personally meet and communicate with suppliers face-to-face to learn about the seller’s product quality, price, delivery time and other key information.

In addition, trade shows provide opportunities to discover new products and trends.How to find products to sell on Amazon.

How to find products to sell on Amazon

How to find products to sell on Amazon

3. Social media and professional forums

On social media platforms and professional forums, sellers can join relevant industry groups or forums to communicate with other sellers and suppliers. This way you can also get some information and leads within the industry and find potential suppliers.

Evaluate suppliers

1. Supplier Reliability

Reliability is a crucial consideration when choosing a supplier. Sellers should evaluate the supplier’s credibility, production capacity, and on-time delivery. Sellers can check the supplier’s company background and credentials, and communicate with their existing customers to understand the supplier’s operation and reputation.

2. Product quality

Sellers should ask suppliers to provide product samples and conduct quality inspection on the samples. Sellers can consider commissioning a third-party quality inspection organization to conduct product testing to ensure that the product meets quality standards.

How to find products to sell on Amazon

How to find products to sell on Amazon

3. Price and delivery time

Sellers can compare prices and delivery times with different suppliers. Sellers can ask suppliers to provide detailed quotations and delivery schedules, and make a comprehensive assessment of the programs of different suppliers to choose the most appropriate supplier.

Establishment of cooperative relationship

1. Sign a contract

Once a suitable supplier is selected, sellers should sign a formal cooperation contract with the supplier. The contract should clearly stipulate the rights and responsibilities of both parties, including product quality standards, price, delivery time, payment terms and so on. Signing a contract can ensure the controllability and stability of the supply chain.

2. Establish good communication channels

Sellers should maintain close contact with suppliers to communicate changes in orders and product demand in a timely manner to ensure that suppliers can make timely adjustments and responses.

How to find products to sell on Amazon

How to find products to sell on Amazon

3. Consider a multi-supplier strategy

In order to minimize risk, sellers can consider adopting a multi-supplier strategy. Establishing a cooperative relationship with multiple suppliers can ensure the stability of the supply chain by switching to other suppliers in a timely manner in case of problems with one supplier.

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