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China is a big manufacturing country, and many products are exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other countries. As a result, there are many American importers importing goods from China. To get the maximum profit, it is very important to control the freight rates from China to the US.

Shipping from China to USA:
Air Freight from China to USA
Sea Freight from China to USA
Express from China to USA(EMS/DHL/FEDEX/UPS….)

Freight rates from China to the US will depend on several factors, such as weight and shipping method. You may also want to consider the cost of cargo insurance for valuables.

Air freight rates from China to the US

Air freight rates from China to the US are $5-8 per kg. It is a combination of various charges and surcharges, including air freight, fuel surcharges, security charges, terminal charges, and other surcharges.

These fees are set by different airlines based on their operating costs. Airlines often revise these charges to reflect market changes, based on factors such as season, international oil prices, and low seasons.

Air freight charges vary by airline, route, and season. Airfreight charges for each airline on the same route may vary.


shipping routes and options


For example, if there are two airlines, the air freight rates from China to the US between airlines on the same route can vary significantly. For example, a shipment from China to the U.S. might cost $100 per kilogram during the peak season, while the same shipment during the low season might cost as little as $75 per kilogram.

Even for the same airline on the same route, airfreight costs can vary dramatically, depending on the level of competition on that route and the time of year. For example, a summer shipment from China to the U.S. might cost $10 per kilogram, while the same shipment to another state for Christmas might cost $1,500 per kilogram.

Sea freight rates from China to the US

This is the cost from a Chinese port to a US port. The sea freight is quoted by the shipping company, and the price is not fixed. Just like the price of a ticket, you might get a 50-60% discount if there are plenty of seats left. However, in high season, tickets can be expensive, possibly at full price.

Also, prices vary from China to different ports in the eastern, central, and western U.S. Since there are more than 100 ports in the US, it is difficult to give all prices. So I have listed the prices in Los Angeles and New York for your reference. But keep in mind that the actual freight rates from China to the US depend on real-time quotes.

Ningbo/Shanghai-New York Ningbo/Shanghai-Los Angeles

Bulk (LCL) $75/m3 $70/m3

FCL (20” GP) $2100/container $1500/container

FCL (40″ HQ) $2600/container $1600/container

(Note: Regular prices are for your reference. Please email us for real-time prices.)


freight rates from China to the US


Factors affecting freight rates from China to the US

1. Product weight and type

Shipping from China to the United States is based on the weight and volume of the product to determine the basic shipping information. Therefore, the value of the product weight will directly affect the changes in shipping costs. Different shipping methods may incur different surcharges, which will also affect freight rates from China to the US.

2. Market situation

International shipping of goods is also divided into off-season and peak season. If it is off-season, due to the small number of goods, the shipping company will give some discounts on international shipping costs to attract customers. And if the number of goods accepted by the shipping company is relatively large during the peak season, the freight rates from China to the US will rise.

3. Freight forwarding company

The level of international shipping and freight forwarding companies has a certain influence. Many importers and exporters have a certain impression of freight forwarding companies help with related business. If you choose a larger freight forwarding company, you may not enjoy some discounts on shipping.

Since the international freight forwarding company selected by some cargo owners has a large business volume with the target shipping company, and the freight forwarding company has a good relationship with the shipping company, the shipping company may give certain discounts.

4. Seasonal factors

The peak shipping season runs from April to May every year and lasts until around December. During peak season, sea freight usually charges a peak season surcharge. The low season is generally in February-March.

freight rates from China to the US

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