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China and the USA are thousands of kilometers apart, China’s freight logistics can only be transported to the USA by sea and air. Sea transportation is by ship, and air transportation is by plane.

Shipping from China to the USA is divided into FCL and LCL, air charter, and general cargo transportation.

American import companies and Chinese domestic factories are generally engaged in large-scale transportation, formal import and export international logistics; Most of the freight logistics services between China and the US that cross-border e-commerce sellers need are door-to-door and warehouse to warehouse. The individual is to mail daily necessities and Taobao to buy goods shipped to the USA doorstep needs.

freight logistics
freight logistics

Different people have different demands for freight logistics from China to the USA. International freight logistics has also developed from the traditional form of the port to port, airport to airport to double clearance tax, double clearance without tax, FBA head journey (goods are transported to FBA warehouse), Taobao collective transport, special line small package and other various logistics services.

We are international freight logistics experts with more than 10 years of experience in China and the USA. So that you can clearly understand the steps of the logistics, freight logistics transport costs, and choose their appropriate freight logistics.

China Freight logistics and shipping company between the USA

As a shipping service company providing Chinese transportation to the USA, we have:













ZIM COSCO MSC MSK is undoubtedly the top three shipping companies in terms of shipping capacity, and Matson Shipping service is the best in terms of service. It has advantages over other shipping companies in terms of the time it takes to ship goods from China to America, and the speed of customs clearance and unloading at American ports.

The clipper service launched by ZIM in recent years centering on Cross-border e-commerce in the United States has been more and more recognized in the market, and the volume of goods received has also grown steadily.

shipment from China
shipment from China

Freight logistics Marine cargo inquiry and tracking

It is necessary to inquire and track the information of where the goods shipped from China to the USA are shipped, the date of departure, when they arrive at the port of destination and whether the customs release them.

Visit the website of the above shipping company to inquire and track the shipping date of the container, the deadline for customs clearance, the time of departure, the name of the vessel, the estimated time of arrival at the port of destination, etc.

The Chinese customs shall consult the Chinese export customs declaration bank and the relevant customs inquiry website above to check whether the container is declared and released, while the Us import customs clearance company shall consult the customs clearance company.

It is usually necessary to consult the container number and shipping company of the LCL company for the inquiry and tracking of the goods by sea. Generally, the container number, seal number, and shipping company are not displayed on the bill of lading, so you can only contact the booking agent for information about the goods.

Freight logistics
Freight logistics

Process of Shipping from China to the USA

China’s export to the USA by sea is the same as the United States’ import to China by sea. The following is the introduction to the whole process of shipping from The Chinese factory to the American warehouse. The premise is that the goods meet the shipping requirements of the shipping company, and both the consignee and consignor have their cooperative local shipping and freight logistics agency.

Shipping inquiry: consulting freight logistics to transport the corresponding goods from China to the United States how much shipping costs;

Ocean freight booking: to international ocean freight forwarding companies, shipping companies, the United States line ocean LCL companies

Pick up: pick up the goods into the warehouse or the container to the factory after loading back to the dock, fumigation, weighing;

Export customs declaration: declare the export of goods to the Chinese Customs on behalf of the shipping agency or the customs broker;

Marine bill of lading information: provide accurate Marine bill of lading information

Us customs declaration: ISF and AMS declaration, only for US line. Import and export enterprises without experience in USA shipping are advised to consult professional shipping agencies in the United States.

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

By sea to the USA: by ship

Us import clearance: usually the consignee entrusts a local us international freight forwarder or customs clearance company to provide services. Pick up: pick up the goods from the dock to the warehouse or to the LCL agent warehouse to pick up the goods.

Shipping from China to the United States is completed.

American law stipulates that importers and exporters engaged in international transportation must use “international freight forwarders” with professional knowledge to do so. No matter how big the company is, it cannot book the shipping space directly from the shipping company. It can only be booked through an international freight forwarder. The cost involved in each link of international shipping, the United States law is relatively fixed, so shipping to the United States freight is very transparent.

How long does it take to ship goods from China to the USA

How long does it take for China to ship goods to America? It is divided into sea time and door to door, including picking up goods and delivering customs declarations, and customs clearance time.

How long does it take from Chinese ports to American ports: it usually takes 10~15 days for containers from major coastal ports such as Shanghai Yangshan Port and Yantian Port to Los Angeles and nearby ports in the west of the United States, and different shipping companies have some differences.

It takes 23 to 30 days to ship from major Chinese ports to eastern U.S. ports (Such as New York and Miami).

Freight logistics
Freight logistics

Port-to-port shipping time refers to the time from the day of departure to the arrival of the ship at the port of destination but does not include the delay of unloading due to shipping peak season, workers’ strike, epidemic impact, import declaration, and other reasons.

The time of shipping from China to  USA includes a series of work such as picking up goods in China, export customs declaration, waiting for ships, shipping time, customs clearance in the United States, and picking up and delivering goods. Theoretically, if all goes well, the door-to-door shipping time from China to the United States is 25 to 40 days.

Many uncertain factors will affect the total shipping time, such as the frequent customs inspection delay and missing the ship booked.

FCL container

FCL shipping logistics from China to the USA, including 40-size tall containers 45HQ, 40HQ or 40HC, 40FT (40GP), 20FT (20GP).

Among them, the 45 HQ ultra-high cabinet is relatively abundant only on the routes to The United States, and other shipping companies rarely provide such containers.

The length, width, and height of a 20 FT container are 5898*2352**2392 MM, about 5.9*2.3*2.3 meters.

The total volume is 33.2 cubic meters, and the cargo carrying capacity is 26.0 tons. The theoretical size and volume are different in actual loading. It is suggested that the cargo volume should be 28 cubic meters.

shipping from China to the USA
shipping from China to the USA

The length * width * height of a standard 40FT container is 12,031 *2352*2392 mm, or about 12*2.3*2.3 meters. The total volume of the container is 67.7 cubic meters, and the maximum load capacity is 26.0 tons.

The 40 HQ standard container is 12031*2352*2697 mm in length * width * height, which is about 12*2.3*2.6 meters. The total volume of the container is 76 cubic meters, and the maximum cargo weight is 26 tons.

Standard 45 HC containers are 12 m X2.34 m X2.71 m in length, width, and height, with a maximum cargo weight of 26 tons. In addition to standard containers, there are tea containers, clothes containers, open-top containers, frame containers, and reefer containers.

Standard container 20 GP 40 GP 40 HC length * width * height

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