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When shipping from China to USA by international express, it takes 3days. This includes pickup at the supplier’s door in China, unless the supplier has delivered the package to their warehouse. express freight logistics China to USA are more expensive premium services that can even be delivered overnight.

Air transport

If you don’t want to wait weeks for your shipment to cross the ocean shipping from China to the US, air freight logistics China to USA will cut the transit time down to just a few days, albeit at a much higher cost.

Standard air freight between China and the United States generally takes about 8-10 days. It’s not that planes are slower; it comes down to the fact that the air freight process is more complicated than express freight. Express Air Freight service usually reduces shipping time by 2-3 days compared to Standard Air Freight.

freight logistics China to USA

Sea freight

Sea freight logistics China to USA takes about 20-40 days., the longest delivery time is by sea. That’s because boats move much slower than planes.

In addition to requiring extra preparation, ocean liners are also starting to slow down to save fuel (and money). For example, U.S. Customs requires importers to use a single entry bond and travel by sea also requires an ISF bond.

On top of that, port congestion, customs delays and adverse weather conditions affect ocean freight logistics China to USA more than air freight.
If you need to ship your goods faster, ocean shipping offers great service. Depending on shipping requirements, expedited shipping may be able to really reduce transit time. In some cases, it may even be competitive with air freight delivery times.

Speed up your freight work by streamlining the ocean shipping process and only pairing it with faster ocean shipping and premium trucking services. This makes expedited shipping a good option when shipping from China.

LCL: For smaller shipments, you can send ocean freight as LCL. In this case, your freight forwarder will consolidate it with the other shipper’s cargo and hire a carrier to transport it from China to the US in containers.

FCL: If you ship enough quantities to fill a container,FCL freight logistics China to USA will save you money compared to LCL shipping. FCL means that your cargo will occupy the container alone. Additionally, you should be able to ship your shipments from China to the US faster without LCL/unboxing.

freight logistics China to USA

By air freight logistics China to USA or by sea?

Sea freight

Sea freight from China to USA is probably the most practical way , as long as you can live with the long shipping times required by ocean shipping.

Ocean freight logistics China to USA usually involves packing your cargo into a shipping container, either with another shipper’s consignment (LCL), or sealed in a dedicated unit (FCL). In either case, you will need to ship your cargo through a US port with container handling facilities. Again, you must choose a container port in China as your cargo gateway.

Fortunately, neither country lacks container ports. Therefore, you should have no trouble finding a route that minimizes the amount of domestic shipping required. Your freight forwarder will help you identify the port closest to the supplier and the port closest to the consignee of the shipment.

Air transport

While much faster than sea freight, air freight logistics China to USA is also much more expensive. However, if your shipment:
must be delivered promptly to the recipient
High value, requiring tight security from airlines and airport operators
Consists of products with decent profit margins
perishable, brittle or brittle
Occupies no more than two or three trays
Will be shipped between suppliers and consignees close to airports and far from seaports

freight logistics China to USA

Cost of freight logistics China to USA

Freight rates vary between freight forwarders and costs vary regularly.

Shipping charges and rough estimates are as follows:

Factory to Port Shipping: From $50 to $480

China export customs clearance: 100-300 US dollars

Freight: depends on origin and destination, weight and volume of goods

Insurance: 0.2% * 1.1* cargo value

Document Delivery: From $40 to $50

US port charges: $100 to $450

US Customs Bonded: From $100 to $200

Domestic Shipping from US Port to Final Address: Depends on Location.

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