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What does the freight forwarding service from China to the United States include?International freight forwarders have always been known as “designers of transportation”, organizers,and coordinators of “door to door” transportation. Organize transportation activities, design transportation routes, select transportation methods and carriers (or owners) based on their transportation knowledge and other relevant knowledge.

Your supplier is in China.That’s a guess, but most likely it’s true.

There are a lot of manufacturers there. In fact, according to one source, there are over 2,800,000 million factories in China of varying sizes. It is not surprising that you can get your items made there at a low cost.

Now that you have your products made, your next concern is how to ship them from China to the States. Of course, there are plenty of options on how you can do that. What you need to know is the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

In this article, you will be learning about the options that are available to you, so you can find the means that would get the most out of your money and efforts.


An international freight forwarder is entrusted by a consignor to handle matters relating to the transportation, transshipment, storage, loading, and unloading of goods. On the one hand, it and the cargo shipper conclude a transport contract, at the same time he and the transport department signed a contract, for the cargo shipper, who is the carrier of the goods. Quite some cargo agents master various means of transport and storage yard of goods, handling the transport of goods including land, sea, and air in the operation of their business. The main businesses of the international freight forwarder are:

To serve the shipper

The freight forwarder performs any of the formalities in the transportation of different goods on behalf of the shipper:

       1. with the fastest and most economical mode of transportation, arrange appropriate packaging of goods, choose the transportation route of goods.

  1. Suggested storage and distribution to customers.
  2. Select reliable and efficient carriers and be responsible for concluding transport contracts.
  3. Arrange the weight and measurement of goods.
  4. Handling cargo insurance.
  5. Assembly of goods.
  6. Store the goods before shipment or distribution at the destination.
  7. Arrange the transport of the goods to the port, go through the customs and related documents, and deliver the goods to the carrier.
  8. To bear freight and customs taxes on behalf of shipper/importer.
  9. Handle any foreign exchange transactions related to the transportation of goods.

Obtain various signed bills of lading from the carrier and deliver them to the shipper.

  1. To supervise the progress of the cargo by liaising with the carrier and the freight forwarder’s agent abroad, and to let the shipper know the whereabouts of the cargo.
  2. Free Storage Ningbo Freight Forwarder fcl container loading

What does the freight forwarding service from China to the United States include?

Serve the consignee

Provide import service for domestic consignee when goods arrive, handle customs declaration and clearance, provide documents such as declaration form, bill of lading, packing list, commodity inspection certificate, commercial invoice, and so on

For Customs and Excise services

When an international freight forwarder acts as a customs agent for customs formalities concerning import and export goods, he represents not only his customers but also the customs authorities. In fact, in many countries, he has obtained permission from these authorities to go through the customs formalities and is responsible to the customs for declaring the exact amount, quantity, and name of the goods in the documents issued early so that the government will not suffer any loss in these respects.

Service to carrier

The freight forwarder shall book the shipping space to the carrier on time, negotiate a fair and reasonable fee for both the shipper and the carrier, arrange delivery at an appropriate time, and settle the freight account with the carrier in the name of the shipper.

Freight forwarder service projects or quite a lot!


Why do we need to find more freight forwarding  resources?

You may ask: at least to find a few cooperative freight forwarder resources? Why do we need to find more? Isn’t it a waste of resources? So, my answer is: no waste, must find!

It is suggested that there should be at least three cooperative freight forwarders on your hand. Why is that? There are three main conditions for shipment to America: time limitation, customs clearance, and price.


When we ship, sometimes it’s urgent to restock, and sometimes it’s for peak season, so the timeliness requirements will be different. Different freight forwarders have different logistics resources, which leads to a different times. No matter whether our demand is fast or slow, we must know the timeliness of different channels and different forwarders in advance, so that we can be well prepared and use it calmly when we need to use it.

Customs clearance

Especially in European countries, the ability of freight forwarders to clear customs is particularly important. European countries are much stricter in customs clearance than the United States, so sometimes some goods can’t be cleared. However, capable freight forwarders can clear the goods from their own resources. But some freight forwarders who are only responsible for receiving and delivering goods do not have this ability. Once the customs withholding, the forwarder can only let the seller to find someone to deal with. Although there are many customs clearance companies outside, they also charge a lot of service fees. Therefore, we need forwarders with outstanding customs clearance ability.

air freight from china to usa

 The price 

Why do you want to find a price advantage? First of all, logistics costs have always been a headache for sellers. If the forwarder can reach the buyer within the specified time and the logistics price is lower than other companies, then the seller can consider cooperation.

International logistics consultant scam, beware of being fooled!

Recently, the customer service department of our company received several phone calls, all of which said that they had signed a cooperation order contract with an employee of our company before, but they could not be contacted and asked whether our company had this employee. After we checked again and again, there is no such person!

So, we usually should how to identify and choose a reliable logistics company?

Establishment time of the company

The first thing to consider is whether a logistics company has a business license. Secondly, it is necessary to understand the establishment time of a company. The longer the establishment time of a company, the stronger its survival ability and the higher its risk tolerance.

sea freight from china to usa

Don’t be cheap

Just like buying things, when choosing a logistics company, the price is also a factor we need to consider. How should we look at this factor? We should not only focus on the cheap price but also pay attention to the quality of service. After all, you get what you pay for.

Fully understand after-sales service

The service level of a logistics company is mainly reflected in: whether the information feedback is timely, whether it can timely communicate and feedback with customers in case of special circumstances; Whether abnormal handling is appropriate, if abnormal occurs in the process of transportation, can properly solve, and contact with the customer to discuss solutions.

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