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In China import trade, you may need to look for a freight forwarding company in China. In a rapidly changing economy, businesses need freight partners who can provide personalized solutions and adapt quickly to challenges.

Growing businesses need procurement and distribution programs like this to help them reduce costs while optimizing their operations. And Chinese freight forwarding company Xiongda International Logistics can help you.

While freight forwarding company in China are handling shipments, it’s also important to understand what they don’t do. This, in turn, goes back to what they do for shippers and customers. For freight forwarders, there is a golden rule to consider. In most cases, the forwarder agent in China is not the one who actually moves the cargo.

Instead, freight forwarders represent middlemen. They are a step between the service of transporting customers and transporting the goods. This applies to sea, land, air, rail services, etc.

freight forwarding company in China

Services provided by freight forwarding company in China

Sea shipping from China to USA

FCL and LCL services, although slow, bring huge benefits. Therefore, freight forwarding company in China try to provide customers with shipping products transshipment services through containers. Shipping goods in containers allows transporters to move large quantities of goods for a small amount of money.

Therefore, you will find a large number of transporters who do bulk transactions, opting for this freight forwarding service. Not only is this service cost-effective, it also avoids customs clearance delays.

Air freight from China to USA

Emergency Air Freight: This is the fastest shipping method from China to the United States. This is to ship products across continents in the fastest way possible. The estimated delivery time for this service is 2-3 business days. This is the best option if you need to transport some cargo urgently. However, the extra express service will reflect the budget and it will cost more than the others.

Standard Air Freight: If you are looking for freight that is reasonably priced and will ship your goods in a timely and fair manner, then you should choose Standard Air Freight. Affordable price, shipping time between 5-7 days, air shipping from China to the United States, can help entrepreneurs

freight forwarding company in China

Economy Air Freight: This option is the most economical of all. If flexible delivery times don’t bother you and you want maximum cost savings, this is the one for you. It offers over 7 working days shipping time and maximizes savings on your budget.

Insurance service

Cargo transportation insurance is a very important aspect of international trade, because the transportation distance of international trade goods is long, time-consuming, involves many aspects, and has a wide variety of risks, especially in the process of ocean transportation, often because ships encounter storms and huge waves Such natural disasters, or accidental risk accidents such as hitting rocks, fires, strandings, wars, etc., have suffered losses. Therefore, it is very important for the freight forwarding company in China to provide freight insurance.

Repack and merge

Most services will only repack or consolidate packages if they can significantly reduce shipping costs (eg, a piece of clothing in a plastic bag is unlikely to benefit from repacking). If your package contains fragile or oversized items, a superior freight forwarding company in China can help you repack or consolidate non-compliant product packaging. Xiongda International can provide you with free reinforcement and packaging services.

Through which channels to find excellent freight forwarding company in China?

  1. Introduced by friends or acquaintances, this kind of freight forwarder is generally a cooperative venture, and the probability of stepping on the pit is relatively small.
  2. Search on the Internet platform, find the gathering places of freight forwarders such as Baidu and Zhihu, and choose a few more companies that seem to have good reputation.
  3. Looking for a local freight forwarder nearby, you can conduct on-site inspections, and the service is more convenient.

freight forwarding company in China

Qualified freight forwarding company in China evaluation criteria

Company reputation

If your volume is not large, it is recommended to find a company that is not too large in scale, but must be formal and professional in service. We can also check the company’s website to see if it has a record of violations or dishonesty.


When you encounter an experienced freight forwarder, you can make a preliminary judgment from the conversation of the business personnel, whether the communication is smooth, whether you can answer patiently, whether you are familiar with the company’s products, and how are you unfamiliar with the company’s products? Don’t expect him to serve you more attentively. A good freight forwarder can reduce a lot of trouble and reduce risks based on experience.

Last but not least, price is not the only judging criterion. Because the price is always equal to the service. Shipping from China to the United States is a long journey, and it is most important that you find a freight forwarding company in China that can provide you with 100% trust.

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