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What is a freight forwarder to USA?

Freight forwarder, literally, is the abbreviation of freight forwarder. From the perspective of the work content, it is to accept the entrustment of the customer to complete a certain link or related link of the cargo transportation.

The work involved in this area can be directly or indirectly completed by a freight forwarder to save capital.

There are also overseas agents depending on the goods. Freight forwarding refers to the general term for providing various transportation services for cargo transportation needs and transportation capacity providers in the field of circulation.

They serve the whole society and are the bridge and link between cargo owners and transport capacity providers.

freight forwarder to USA

What is the scope of services provided by freight forwarder to USA?

Serve the shipper

  1. With the fastest and most economical transportation method, arrange suitable packaging of goods and choose the transportation route of the goods.
  2. Suggest warehousing and distribution to customers.
  3. Choose a reliable and efficient carrier and be responsible for concluding a contract of carriage.
  4. Arrange the weighing and measurement of goods.
  5. For cargo insurance.
  6. The assembly of goods.
  7. Warehousing the goods before shipment or distribution at the destination.
  8. Arrange the transportation of the goods to the port, go through customs and related documents, and deliver the goods to the carrier.
  9. On behalf of the shipper/importer, pay the freight, customs duties and taxes.
  10. Handle any foreign exchange transactions related to the transportation of goods.
  11. Obtain various signed bills of lading from the carrier and deliver them to the shipper.
  12. Supervise the process of cargo transportation and let the shipper know the whereabouts of the cargo by contacting the carrier and the freight forwarderto USA in foreign countries.

freight forwarder to USA

Serve the consignee

When the consignee in a country has goods arriving, it will provide import services for it, and the agent will go through customs declaration and clearance to the customs, and provide the bills of lading required for import.

Such as: customs declaration, bill of lading, packing list, commodity inspection certificate, commercial invoice, etc. .

Serve customs

When an international freight forwarder to USA acts as a customs agent for customs formalities regarding import and export of goods, it represents not only his clients but also the customs authorities. In fact, in many countries, he has obtained the permission of these authorities to go through customs formalities and is responsible for customs.

And is responsible for declaring the exact amount, quantity and name of goods in the documents issued in advance, so that the government does not have any problems in these aspects. suffer loss.

Serve the carrier

The freight forwarder to USA makes a timely booking with the carrier, negotiates fair and reasonable fees for both the consignor and the carrier, arranges delivery at an appropriate time, and resolves issues such as freight accounts with the carrier in the name of the consignor.

freight forwarder to USA

Who would need a freight forwarder to USA?

Anyone importing goods from China to the United States may need to hire a freight forwarder to USA. They may be necessary when importing perishable agricultural products such as flowers, produce, meat and fish; importing dangerous goods such as hazardous waste.

Shipping high-value items such as jewelry; or shipping gemstones and metals for manufacturing purposes.

How to find the right freight forwarder to USA?

First,consider whether your shipment has special requirements.

Determining your shipping may narrow down your freight forwarder to USA options.

If you’re price driven, know what to look out for.

If service is more important to you than price, know what to look out for.

Finally, look for a platform that enables you to search for great services and great prices.

Consider whether your shipment requires professional support.

There are some commodities that many freight forwarder to USA do not handle, such as vehicles, home relocations and commodities such as wheat. Not all handle oversized cargo either, so if you want to ship a full subway train, you definitely need a large or professional freight forwarder.

A more common set of exceptions that many small freight forwarders will not handle is Dangerous Goods. Don’t be fooled by the name. This category includes some seemingly tame products, such as toys with batteries.

Another important consideration is geographic coverage.

Not all freight forwarders ship anywhere in the world. Smaller companies typically have a very limited network of agents for local delivery or pickup and customs clearance. They may cover your country’s most common trading partners, but if you’re importing from Bhutan and China, you should first clear customs with potential new freight forwarder to USA.

freight forwarder to USA

How to find a reliable freight forwarder to USA?

In fact, the following points can be considered for this issue:


What is the definition of “reliable freight forwarding company”? In my opinion, a logistics company with stable service, accurate commitment, and professionalism can be regarded as a “reliable” logistics company.


If you choose the freight forwarding company based on the salesperson, congratulations, you have improved a grade. I always feel that as long as the freight forwarding company is formal and reliable, the size of the company is not importan.

But the salesperson who is in contact with you is important. In this circle, there are not a few people who run with salesmen. Why is this happening? The salesman has such great ability? This is the essence of it. Communication between you and the salesperson is a dialogue between people.

What are the basic things that exist between people: interests, feelings, and integrity. Therefore, many people would rather choose a salesman than a freight forwarding company.

Because he won’t fool you, won’t make fun of your goods, won’t notify you if there is an adjustment, won’t charge you black money, etc. Human hearts are fleshy, and trust is also mutual. A good freight forwarder to USA, he will think about problems and do things from the perspective of customers.

freight forwarder to USA


Each freight forwarder to USA company actually has their own advantageous routes. For example, our family mainly deals in Southeast Asia, some freight forwarders mainly focus on the South American market, and some are in the Middle East.

The port of destination requirements corresponding to different routes are different. If your goods are going to Southeast Asia, and you find a freight forwarder specializing in other regions, if you do not know the requirements of the destination port.

If the specific requirements of the destination port are not fulfilled, the consignee will face the problem of being fined after the goods arrive at the port. . Of course, it is not ruled out that there are freight forwarders who understand the requirements of multiple regions/destination ports.


As mentioned above, different freight forwarding companies focus on different routes, which indirectly indicates that their prices in a certain field will have a comparative advantage, that is, they will be cheaper. But the price is not the most important, because the price of most freight forwarding companies is not too different.

Prices and timeliness, within the normal range, will not differ much.

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