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What is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarding is the service that most importers and exporters use to arrange shipments. Freight forwarders are licensed experts who understand how the end-to-end shipping process works and can do it on your behalf. Essentially a freight company or freight broker, not involved in international shipping. Some specialize as ocean or air freight forwarders.

Contents of freight forwarder service

Freight forwarding service content

1. Consignment, warehousing and packaging of goods

2. Organize cargo handling and transportation

3. Issue settlement and deliver freight

4. Transportation

5. Development of international express business

freight forwarding service

What can an excellent freight forwarder service bring you?

1. Conducive to the development of the core business of the enterprise

“Technology has specialization”, for non-logistics enterprises, it is difficult to be comprehensive in logistics. Therefore, enterprises should concentrate on the business they are familiar with, allocate resources to the core business, concentrate on the core business, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, and leave auxiliary functions such as logistics to more professional freight forwarder companies.

2 Flexibility to grasp information and reduce costs

International freight forwarder service can meet these needs in a fast and cost-effective way that would otherwise be difficult for manufacturers alone. Similarly, freight forwarders also have the ability to meet the needs of potential customers of manufacturing companies, thus playing a role in facilitating communication between manufacturers and retailers.

3. Reduce investment and maximize benefits

If a company builds its own warehouses and network facilities, it requires huge investment capital and cannot make profits in the short term. This will be a heavy economic burden for companies that lack three funds, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

However, if the freight forwarder is used, it will not only reduce the capital occupied by inventory and the investment of fixed capital, realize the rational use of resources, but also obtain a competitive advantage in the same industry.

freight forwarding service

4 Service diversification to enhance customer experience

International freight forwarder service and various logistics enterprises form alliances, learn from each other’s logistics management experience, and improve their own management level and service quality. It is conducive to realizing economies of scale and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

How to choose a freight forwarder service

1. Are there abundant logistics channels?

An important factor that cargo owners need to consider when choosing a freight forwarder service is the logistics channels of the freight forwarding company. At the same time, the cargo owner chooses according to his own business scope and target market.

If you choose a freight forwarding company with rich logistics channels to cooperate, then there will be more logistics channels to choose from for delivery after that. For our timeliness, the user experience will be better.

2. The scale of the freight forwarder company

When choosing a freight forwarder service company, it is necessary to understand the scale of the logistics company.

For a newly established small company, the service level is not perfect, and the logistics channels are relatively small, so the logistics channels that can be selected are relatively limited. Small, inexperienced companies can’t guarantee they can deal with problems because they don’t have enough experience.

Therefore, when choosing a freight forwarder company for cooperation, the cargo owner should choose a company with a certain scale, rich in logistics channels, perfect after-sales service, and a freight forwarding company with rich experience in international transportation. Such a freight forwarding company will be more secure and will not worry about appear Runaways, closures, etc.

freight forwarding service

3. Is the freight forwarder service company professional?

As a freight forwarding company, there are many countries to be mailed and exported, so it is necessary to be familiar with the routes of the world’s geography, the location of ports, and the low level of transshipment. At present, the transportation methods cover air transportation, shipping, rail transportation, land transportation, etc.

There are many logistics channels. The freight forwarder service company must be able to recommend suitable logistics channels and transportation methods according to the characteristics of the goods. Professional freight forwarding companies need to understand customs policies and be familiar with the rules and policies of international transportation.

4. Logistics costs

The logistics link is a very important link in international trade, and cross-border logistics determines whether the order can be successfully completed. At the same time, logistics costs affect the seller’s product pricing and the product profit that can be obtained. For sellers with long-term logistics needs, choosing to cooperate with preferential logistics channels can save sellers a lot of logistics costs.

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