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If you are engaged in the cross-border e-commerce industry from China to the United States.,Do you have a freight forwarder from China to USA ?

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What services do freight forwarder from China to USA provide?

The main service of the freight forwarding company is to act as a freight intermediary and serve the freight forwarder. Overseas freight needs a professional intermediary.

The freight forwarding company handles freight entrustment, cooperates with customs, shipping companies, and airlines, and arranges the consignor’s goods according to trade terms and requirements. , transported to overseas trade customers.

1. Serving customs

When an international freight forwarder acts as a customs agent for customs formalities regarding import and export of goods, it represents not only his clients but also the customs authorities. In fact, in many countries, he has obtained the permission of these authorities to go through customs formalities and is responsible for the customs.

He is responsible for declaring the exact amount, quantity and name of the goods in the documents issued in advance, so that the government does not have any problems in these aspects. suffer losses.

freight forwarder from China to USA

2. Serve the carrier

The freight forwarder from China to USA makes a timely booking with the carrier, negotiates fair and reasonable fees for both the consignor and the carrier, arranges delivery at an appropriate time, and resolves issues such as freight accounts with the carrier in the name of the consignor.

3. Service for airlines

A freight forwarder from China to USA acts as an agent for an airline in the air transport industry. It is designated as the agent of IATA in the rules made by the International Air Transport Association for the purpose of air cargo. In this relationship, it uses the airline’s cargo means to serve the cargo owner, and the airline pays a commission.

At the same time, as a freight forwarder from China to USA , it continues to serve the consignor or consignee by providing a service method suitable for air freight.

4. Serving liner companies

The relationship between freight forwarder from China to USA and liner companies varies with the business. In recent years, the LCL service provided by freight forwarders, that is, the consolidation service of LCL cargo, has established a relationship between them and liner companies and other carriers (such as railways).

However, some countries refuse to pay commissions to freight forwarders, so they fight for commissions around the world.

5.Other services

Such as supervision of loading, unloading, mixed loading of goods, and consulting services for container assembly and unpacking transportation according to the special needs of customers.

freight forwarder from China to USA

How to be a reliable freight forwarder from China to USA ?

1. The qualification and reputation of the freight company

Although the company is not necessarily reliable, it is very unreliable if the business license cannot be provided, and no one can find it if there is a problem. We can check whether the company has records of dishonesty or violations through the website. If possible, it is the safest way to go to the company for on-site inspection.

2. Service attitude and professionalism

The service attitude can be learned from the chat with the customer service or the account manager, how is the attitude, whether the communication is smooth, whether you can answer your questions patiently, just like me, answer any questions.

Can you provide a reasonable solution for your actual needs, and whether some professional questions can be clearly answered and answered.

3. Test delivery

You have to try to know whether you are professional or not. As the saying goes, “you will know only if a mule or a horse comes out for a ride.”

You can pick up some non-urgent and unimportant goods to be shipped, and judge whether the final completion is the same as what the customer service said. What are you dissatisfied with? Whether the company for freight forwarder from China to USA will seriously accept your opinion or will only shirk the blame.

freight forwarder from China to USA

4. Price transparency

Now the logistics prices in the industry are relatively transparent, you can know by shopping around a little, but there are differences, but each company may be good at different channels, for example, I can get obvious results in food/cross-border mailing, etc.

Price advantage; while other companies may be able to get a clear price advantage in transporting large items. Choose according to your own needs, mainly depends on the professionalism of service and handling things.

What does a reliable freight forwarder from China to USA bring you?

Save time

It’s hard to get the shortest shipping times unless you’re a logistics expert. You will have to negotiate the best price on the market. And you also have to coordinate shipping with international carriers, which can be time-consuming.

A freight forwarder from China to USA can take care of all your shipping needs and you can focus on growing your business.

Cut costs

Handling all logistics related to shipping goods overseas requires strategic planning, expertise and extensive experience. Without a freight forwarder, how would you properly handle issues that may sometimes arise during shipping? Problems that require a phone call from a professional freight forwarder from China to USA , most people take a lot of time.

If you choose to contact the shipping company to transport the cargo yourself, you may incur additional costs, such as storage or equipment hold-ups. If this happens, you will have to pay thousands of dollars.

freight forwarder from China to USA

In addition, good freight forwarder from China to USA understand the regulations and requirements of origin and destination, avoiding possible fines or seizure of goods.

Guarantee the safety of goods

In addition, freight forwarder from China to USA provide additional cargo insurance. In the event of loss or damage, the insurance company can cover the loss for you.

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