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How do you need to find the best freight forwarder from China to Amazon? First of all, let’s take a look at the detailed operation steps of sending to Amazon:

Every day there are sellers in the creation of goods, often encounter three situations, respectively to introduce the operation steps.

Deliver and replenish goods for one SKU

Step 1: Select the inventory to ship

Click the drop-down arrow in the Package Details column of the SKU and select New Raw Package Template

Enter the required information as prompted.

Enter “the number of containers”, click “Ready to ship”, “Print SKU label”, then drag the page to the bottom, click “Check SKU ready to ship” to check the relevant information again, or click “Confirm and continue” to go to Step 2.

Amazon warehouse
Amazon warehouse

Step 2: Confirm shipment

In this step, the seller needs to fill in the shipping date, mode of transportation, and carrier as prompted on the page.

Shipment date: The shipment date is the date on which inventory is delivered to the carrier.

Mode of transportation: according to the actual needs, choose small package express or auto transportation LCL.

Carrier: Amazon partner carrier, applicable to local inbound transportation in the destination country. If the goods are from the destination country (such as an overseas warehouse), you can choose to use Amazon’s partner carrier. Non-amazon partner carriers are required when shipping goods from China to Amazon operations centers in the target countries.

Step 3: Print the package label

Assume that the mode of transportation selected in step 2 is “Small package express”, then in the third and final step, select the type and size of the label paper and click “Print”. And then:

Mark the amazon logistics package number on each package correctly.

Coordinate with the carrier to create the carrier’s package label for use in packing cases.

Deliver the packed goods to the carrier and mark them all as shipped.

Click go to ‘Shipment Processing Progress’ to provide the carrier with a tracking code.

freight forwarder to USA
freight forwarder to USA

Send/replenish goods of multiple SKUs at one time

If multiple SKUs are selected to send/replenish goods, the main differences are as follows:

Freight forwarder China to USA: provide details of the contents in the box.

Means of transportation: If you choose LCL, after completing the above three steps, the fourth step is needed to confirm the information of carrier and pallet, print pallet labels, and paste them on each pallet.

Select the storage to ship

Similar to the “single SKU shipment/replenishment” operation above. Enter the packing details of each SKU according to the above operations, and fill in the packing information for all incoming goods.

Packaging of individual items

Suppose five SKUs are selected and sent to the warehouse, requiring multiple boxes. Click “How to provide the information of items in the box” to upload the information in batches in the form of files, or ask Amazon to process the information of items in the box manually (charging service).

If file upload is selected, fill in the number of packing boxes and click Generate Excel File. Fill in the instructions in the Excel file and click the “Upload and verify file” button.

shipping directly from China to Amazon FBA
shipping directly from China to Amazon FBA

Confirm the shipment

As above, “send/replenish goods for an SKU”.

Print package label

There will be a clear reminder that the labels printed here are attached to the outside of the box. The procedure is the same as that in Single SKU delivery/Delivery.

Confirm carrier and film information

For warehousing transportation within the territory of the destination country, if the goods are stored in overseas warehouses within the territory of the destination country, the goods are directly shipped from overseas warehouses and shipped to Amazon, Amazon may choose to use Amazon cooperative carriers.

In addition, you need to choose a non-cooperative carrier. According to the prompt on the web page, fill in the number of pallets, print the pallet label, and provide the specific carrier.

Next, label all four sides of the racquet. If a single shot is required, please attach a label with “single SKU” in eye-catching color. Subsequent operations are the same as “single SKU shipping/shipping”. I won’t go into that here

Batch upload/replenishment of goods with files

To upload the inventory of goods to be shipped in batches using template files, click Upload File in the SKU Selection method in Step 1. Please follow the instructions on the page.

The following steps will be determined based on the number of SKUs uploaded and the packaging details, and the operation experience is similar to “Single SKU shipment/replenishment” and “Multiple SKUs Simultaneous shipment/replenishment” above.

shipping container to USA
shipping container to USA

What does freight forwarder from China to Amazon mainly do?

The main business of the freight forwarding company is to provide freight middlemen for the freight forwarder. The freight forwarding company is responsible for the cooperation with customs, shipping companies, and airlines, and transports the customer’s goods to overseas trading customers according to trade terms. Its responsibility is to transport the goods entrusted by the customer from one place to another through identified transportation routes. The service object is the whole society, and it is the bridge and link connecting shippers and transport capacity providers.

Domestic freight companies are generally engaged in the domestic transport business, generally using zero loads and collection card transport; International freight companies are generally engaged in shipping and air transport. Both companies are companies that own their cars or ships, owners. A domestic freight forwarder is to point to a freight depot commonly, the international freight forwarder is commonly a sea transport or air freight forwarder.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon can do

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon mainly do (simple) leasing, international sea transportation, air transportation-related business, domestic sea transportation, domestic road transportation, etc., and can also import trade; Domestic freight forwarders can only do domestic sea transportation, road transportation, a domestic freight forwarder can only do domestic sea transportation, road transportation, air transportation-related business.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon
Freight forwarder from China to Amazon

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon face what

But the truth is, it’s not an easy business to run. In addition to the pressure from some line competitors, we should also talk about freight charges with the shipping company, talk about the shipping process with the owner, and check the shipment with the customs bank and the tow company. Item information on each order should be self-checked as many of them cannot pass customs bank review. Finally, even if the delivery is successful, the receipt of the balance is not regarded as a business.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon to provide services

with the fastest and most economical mode of transportation, arrange appropriate packaging of goods, and choose the transportation route of goods.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon, select reliable and efficient carriers, and be responsible for concluding transport contracts.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon, arrange the weight and measurement of goods.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon, handling cargo insurance.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon, assembly of goods.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon, store the goods before shipment or distribution at the destination.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon, arrange the transport of the goods to the port, go through the customs and related documents, and deliver the goods to the carrier.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon, To bear freight and customs taxes on behalf of shipper/importer.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazo: In addition, it also includes: customs services, carrier services, airlines, liner companies, LCL services, multimodal transport services, etc.

The freight forwarding company looks like an intermediary company, but in fact, this industry is not easy to operate. In addition to some of the pressure brought by line competitors, it is necessary to talk about freight rates with the shipping company, the delivery process with the shipper, and the customs broker, and the trailer company, check the delivery situation. The item information on each order should be checked by ourselves because many of them cannot pass the inspection of the customs broker. Finally, even if the shipment is successful, the business is not completed until the final payment is received.

shipping from China to Amazon FBA cost
shipping from China to Amazon FBA cost

Looking for a good freight forwarding company should consider the following points:


When choosing a forwarding company, we need to have a look at the size of the forwarding company, it is the kind of small start-up company, so on the service level is not perfect, and logistics channels don’t have much, if there are any emergencies in logistics service, no experience there is no guarantee that can handle, and because it is the newly established company is no guarantee on the safety.

Therefore, we should choose logistics companies with a certain scale and experience that have been established for a few years. This kind of company is more secure and will not worry about running away.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon: Industry experience

Rich industry experience is essential, especially for the need to ship some special goods or valuable goods, to find a freight forwarding company with rich experience, to ensure the smooth delivery to the recipient.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon: Logistics team

Freight forwarder China to USA
Freight forwarder China to USA

The professional team of logistics can give the seller to provide professional logistics guidance, can according to the seller’s product and the seller’s demand for personalized logistics service, save the logistics cost, and can be suitable for the customer the logistics channels to deliver the goods quickly sent to the hands of the recipient, to improve the consumer shopping experience, improve the competitiveness of the products.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon: Company reputation

If we do not know the situation of the forwarder company at the beginning, we can learn about the forwarder company in advance on the Internet or from peers and other people. We need to carefully choose the companies with a bad reputation, and it is best to choose the companies with a good reputation or operating for many years.

Freight forwarder from China to Amazon: Field trips

If conditions permit, you can choose to visit the company on the spot, so that you can understand the scale, logistics team, operation capacity, facilities, and equipment of the freight forwarding company.

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