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Many Amazon sellers choose the FBA model. Because FBA can bring many benefits to sellers, such as improving exposure and buyer experience, etc., making products more competitive. But the seller must first transport the goods to the FBA warehouse, then find the freight forwarder Amazon FBA.

What is freight forwarder Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA freight forwarders are logistics companies that have long-term cooperation with air freight and shipping companies. They will help sellers book space, rent these to sellers, and then transport your goods from China to foreign countries by sea or air. Equivalent to being an agent of a cargo ship or air freight company.

You can also understand that FBA freight forwarder is a logistics agent who specializes in transporting goods to FBA warehouses.

China freight forwarding service

Freight forwarder Amazon FBA shipping method

The seller can choose the FBA freight forwarding logistics transportation method by himself, mainly in the following two types:

Air freight line

Air freight from China to USA is transported to the destination through the channel of cargo plane or passenger plane. After customs clearance, the goods will be delivered to the designated FBA warehouse according to the time reserved by the customer.

The timeliness is relatively fast, and it is suitable for the transportation of valuable and small products.

Shipping line

There are mainly two ways of sea transportation: FCL transportation and LCL. The whole process is transported by cargo ship, and the goods are transported to the destination port and then unpacked. After sorting, the goods are transported by truck or express to the FBA warehouse at the specified time.

The carrying capacity is relatively large, the cost is relatively low, and it is suitable for the transportation of large products.

freight forwarder Amazon FBA

How to choose the best freight forwarder?

At present, there are many freight forwarder Amazon FBA companies in the United States, so how to choose a freight forwarding company that meets your needs? When choosing an FBA freight forwarding company, it is recommended to compare and consider the following aspects:

Freight forwarding company qualification

 There are many freight forwarding companies now, but the quality is also uneven. It is recommended that you check whether the qualifications of the freight forwarding companies meet the standards.

Product transportation strength

This is mainly related to whether your goods can enter the FBA warehouse on time.


The charges of freight forwarder Amazon FBA are different, and we should combine the above criteria to choose a company with high cost performance.

Service professionalism

In addition to the services of domestic teams, the services of foreign teams are also very important. The domestic team mainly depends on whether the service is timely and whether the problem can be solved effectively; the overseas team mainly depends on whether they understand some local rules and can avoid some risks.

freight forwarder Amazon FBA

Transportation insurance

The best forwarders will be able to arrange shipping insurance for you as part of their service. Once you buy insurance for your goods, even if you encounter some unpredictable things during transportation, you don’t have to worry too much. Because you know your product is protected during its transit from your supplier in the country of origin all the way to an Amazon fulfillment center near your destination.

Now there are more and more freight forwarder Amazon FBA companies. The most important thing for sellers is to compare which one is more reliable and which services they provide, so as to make the transportation of their products more secure without delaying the warehousing time of products.

How to find the best freight forwarder from China to USA?-Xiongda

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