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If you are an US Amazon FBA seller, you you’d better find a freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA, which will save you a lot of money and time.

This article will introduce you to how important it is to find an freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA,especially a China freight forwarder.

If you need long-term cross-border transportation and delivery, you must first choose a reliable company for freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA and cooperate for a long time, so as to ensure the safety of your goods, and secondly, price is stable.

Because Amazon FBA logistics is not like the express we usually use in China, Amazon FBA logistics also involves services such as entry and exit qualifications, and convenient customs clearance.

In addition to choosing an experienced freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company, you also need to understand the general transportation time limit, customs clearance time, transportation costs, and emergencies that we generally encounter.

You can refer to it properly: when you choose the freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA, from the creation of the order to the final completion of the process, the seller does not need to pay too much attention and worry, because Amazon will handle it for you.

However, Amazon is not responsible for the transportation and customs clearance from China to Amazon’s warehouse. The seller needs to send the goods to Amazon’s warehouse by himself. This is the service provided by the freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA.

freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA
freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA

Judgment point

How to choose a freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company ? I am here to share some of my search methods with you. If you have a better method, you are welcome to add it in the comment area, and I will update it. Let more seller friends take less detours.

Company strength

A reliable freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company must not have very little registered capital.

Don’t judge based solely on the number of employees in the freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company, because employees may leave at any time. Maybe the company still has 200 people today, and it may only have 100 people next month.

I suggest that at least choose a company with a registered capital of more than 10 million. (Even if it is a subscription system, it doesn’t matter. The law does not matter whether you subscribe or actually pay, you have to bear the responsibility of 10 million.) Of course, these are just for reference.

Some legal illiterates think that it is a subscription system, and they can fill in tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars. If something goes wrong, he can’t pay for it.

freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA
freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA

Logistics price

The price of a reliable freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company will not be too low, and there are not many good things with good quality and low price in the world.

At this time, what we need to consider is the price, service, and channel cost-effectiveness. Let’s look at them one by one.

I choose companies to remove the head and tail, that is, to abandon the most expensive and the cheapest. It’s too expensive, we have to consider our own business situation, and we can save it if we can. Too cheap, then I have to consider whether there is something tricky in it.

After so many years of cross-border e-commerce, everyone should know some tricks in freight forwarding. What to change ships, what to mix with sensitive cargo. All are pits. Avoid it if you can. The logistics quotations of various logistics companies are also different.

Although it may be a difference of a few dollars, for users who have long-term mailing needs, the accumulated cost is not a small expense.

Therefore, when we choose a freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company, we must understand the logistics quotation, compare the logistics methods, know the reasons for the price difference, and make a more appropriate choice.

sea freight from China to USA cost
sea freight from China to USA cost

Logistics advantage

A excellent freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company will focus on doing one thing.

Different logistics methods have different advantages. For example,

some logistics have more resources on the US route, some logistics have more routes on the European route, some logistics have a faster delivery process, and some logistics Although the price is low, the transit time is long.

By understanding their advantages and disadvantages, sellers choose a more suitable Amazon FBA first-way logistics service in the face of different products and product delivery at different times.

freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA
freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA

Customs clearance level

A comprehensive freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company can serve customers through customs clearance.

Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance. Therefore, when we choose Amazon FBA logistics, we need to choose a company that provides customs clearance services, which can save us a lot of things.

Customs clearance is a problem that sellers often need to encounter. Whether the product can be successfully cleared is related to whether the product can be successfully put into the warehouse.

If the product is not cleared through customs, it will not be able to reach the Amazon FBA warehouse. The product cannot be sold when it is out of stock in the warehouse.

freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA
freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA


I want to make a statement. Service is worth the money. A good freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company will provide you with considerate service.

I believe that everyone has the experience of shipping agents. Before delivery, customers are gods. After delivery, freight forwarders become gods. You can pay for any problem before the payment is settled. After the payment, what? What did you say? I have a bad signal.

contract! Top priority. Many seller friends may not care about this very much. But trust me, having a contract can save a lot when things go wrong. A regular freight forwarding company will definitely let you sign a freight forwarding contract with him.

The response speed of the customer service, the feedback of the customer service for consulting problems, etc., can all show whether the company is really solving the problem for us. rather than being perfunctory. A good service will give us a lot of peace of mind.

Finding the right freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA company is very important. When you come all the way to China to import goods, you must hope that they can be smoothly transported to your Amazon warehouse.

freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA
freight forwarder to US Amazon FBA

So, don’t be afraid of the hassle, choose carefully and you’ll be sure to find the one that suits you best. And when you find it, it can save you a lot of money, time, and effort.

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