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What is FCL Shipping From China To USA ?
FCL is a logistics term that refers to a full container load. Containers can be 20 inches or 40 inches. The goods in the whole container belong to one consignee.

If you have enough cargo to fill a standard shipping container, you can book a full container.However, this doesn’t mean that a shipping container has to be full to be a full case load.
FCL Shipping From China To USA simply means that you (the shipper) have exclusive rights to the container during transit.

The difference between the FCL Shipping From China To USA and the LCL

In international shipping, container transportation is generally divided into FCL Shipping From China To USA and LCL shipping. What is the difference between the two?

LCL refers to that after the carrier (or agent) accepts the small-ticket shipment of less than the FCL Shipping From China To USA consigned by the owner, Classify according to the nature and destination of the goods.

Consolidate the goods to the same destination into a certain number and pack them into boxes. The FCL is a full container of shipping.


FCL Shipping From China To USA


Advantages of FCL Shipping From China To USA

High customs clearance efficiency

The FCL Shipping From China To USA is the smallest unit for customs inspection. Therefore, the carrier of the FCL ocean container only needs to provide the corresponding documentation procedures to the customs according to the normal procedures.

As long as the requirements are met, the customs can be cleared immediately, and the customs clearance efficiency is very high.

Convenient and efficient transportation

The LCL fee is much higher than the FCL fee, because the shipping container requires the carrier to wait for the opportunity, that is, all the scattered goods can be assembled into a container container to the same destination port, which may consume a lot of waiting time.

But the whole cabinet can be operated directly, which is very convenient and efficient.

Lower shipping costs

FCL Shipping From China To USA offers a cheaper alternative to ocean freight. When you ship FCL, you pay flat shipping. Not charged per cubic meter like most other forms of shipping.
Fees on a cubic basis tend to be very expensive, especially if you’re shipping large quantities.


FCL Shipping From China To USA



In FCL Shipping From China To US , there will be no product collisions due to the consolidation and unpacking process. So if you’re shipping fragile items like kitchenware, this is a factor you should consider.

Coupled with FCL Shipping From China To US , less cargo is handled. In this case, processing includes the loading, interim storage, consolidation, unloading and unpacking of the cargo.

As for LCL, the goods of multiple companies are assembled together, so in customs clearance, all document information needs to be mobilized and submitted by the corresponding company.

A lot of communication time needs to be wasted in the middle. Once there are goods that are not cleared by customs inspection, the entire goods need to be retained until all goods pass the customs inspection.


FCL Shipping From China To USA


How much the cost of a FCL Shipping From China To USA ?

Generally speaking, a container ship can hold 800-10,000 containers when fully loaded.
General container specifications are divided into:

  • The volume of 20GP (commonly known as 20-foot container) is: 5.69M * 2.13M * 2.18M, the loading volume is about 26m³. The loading gross weight is about 17.5T
  • The volume of 40GP (commonly known as 40-foot container) is: 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M, the loading volume is about 54m³, and the loading gross weight is about 22T
  • The volume of 40HQ (commonly known as 40 high cabinet) is: 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M, the loading capacity is about 68m³, and the loading gross weight is about 22T
  • The volume of 45HQ (commonly known as 45 high cabinet) is: 13.58M * 2.34M * 2.71M, the loading volume is about 86m³, and the loading gross weight is about 29T.

FCL Shipping From China To USA

Take Shenzhen to Los Angeles as an example.Shipping company: Evergreen, Maersk

  • Departure Port: Shenzhen Yantian Port Yantian Port
  • Destination Port: Port of Los Angeles, USA
  • Destination: Zip Code: 92551, Warehouse Code: ONT8, Region: West America, Address 24300 Nandina Ave Moreno Valley
  • Shipping products: general cargo
  • Cargo operation: palletizing
  • Handling process: container reservation – handling of products that need to be carried (do a good job of preventing dust, moisture, and damage)
  • Customs declaration – sailing – arrival at port – customs clearance – delivery – receipt
  • Price: ¥27500

Cost、Time For FCL container shipping to USA-Xiongda

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