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The Amazon platform has two logistics methods, one is self-delivery, and the other is FBA shipping to Amazon. The Amazon platform allows more sellers to choose the FBA service by tilting traffic.

Today we will talk about FBA shipping to Amazon. The transportation link of the goods from the Amazon seller to the Amazon warehouse is the first step of FBA. 

Amazon shipping methods

1. International Express (UPS; DHL; FEDEX; TNT)

2. International logistics line ( Amazon fba air freight shipping ; Amazon fba sea freight shipping )

Simply put, the former is an original product, the latter is an assembled product, and both have their own unique advantages.

FBA shipping to Amazon

FBA shipping to Amazon

What are Amazon private label products?

An Amazon private label product is an item made by one company that is branded and sold by another company. These products usually already exist in the market; as a private label retailer, you just add your own brand elements to the products.

What are the advantages of Amazon private label?

1. Be able to establish your own brand reputation, and drive the sales of other products through the hot sales of one product.

2. To maintain contact with users, private brands can provide people with more favorable prices while ensuring quality, and are close to the needs of users, which is a major advantage to help private brand sellers seize market share.

3. It has a higher profit margin, no need to compete with other sellers for the gold shopping cart, and the price is low and the quality is high, which can better win the favor of consumers.

4. Powerful data selection analysis, through big data analysis, accurate product selection.

FBA shipping to Amazon

FBA shipping to Amazon

Requirements-FBA shipping to Amazon

Use a six-sided rigid box with the lid intact.

Use one address label with clear and complete shipping and returns information.

Each box in the shipment must have its own unique FBA Box ID label (printed from Shipment Progress).

Each pallet requires four FBA pallet ID labels, one in the center of each side. Each box on the pallet must also be labeled with its own unique FBA box number.

If you are shipping multiple shipping boxes in a large carton, affix the unique FBA box number shipping label to the outside of the large carton.

If you are reusing the box, be sure to remove any original shipping labels, barcodes, or markings from the box.

Use opaque tape to cover the existing barcode, or use a black felt-tip pen to scratch out the barcode so it cannot be scanned. This prevents the wrong barcode from being accidentally scanned during the receiving process.

All items are individually wrapped.

Use suitable packaging materials.

Use strong adhesive tape designed for shipping.

Pad 2 inches of cushioning material between each item and the inside of the box.

After packing the box, give it a gentle shake. When shaken, the contents of the box should not move.

Use a box that measures at least 6 x 4 x 1 inches and weighs at least 1 pound (but no more than 25.00 inches in length on any side and less than 50.00 pounds total weight) to reduce delayed receipt.

Is Amazon FBA Worth It In 2023?


In conclusion
Preparation and packaging for FBA shipping to Amazon is critical. If your supplier cannot provide you with these correct packages, then you can try to find an Amazon FBA freight forwarder who can provide you with packaging services to save your precious time.

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