Good news: From 7.1, 2022, Amazon US FBA inventory can be delivered directly to Canada and Mexico!

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Here’s a Sales Growth Opportunity for Amazon FBA Sellers!

To help sellers better increase sales and test product selection opportunities in Canada and Mexico, Amazon has launched the Amazon Logistics Remote Fulfillment Program (NARF) to help sellers store goods stored in Amazon’s US station fulfillment center (FBA warehouse), Sell to Amazon Canada and Mexico two major sites. With this logistics artifact, sellers in the United States can take advantage of one country’s inventory to grab business opportunities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico!

Attention sellers in the United States, your sales growth opportunity is here! Beginning July 1, 2022, eligible U.S. sellers will be automatically enrolled in the Fulfillment by Amazon Remote Fulfillment Program (NARF), so buyers in Canada and Mexico can also buy your U.S.-based FBA products!

After joining the FBA Remote Fulfillment Program (NARF), Amazon will automatically synchronize your product information through the “Automatically Create Product Information (BIL)” tool to synchronize your listings in the United States to Canada and Mexico!

Beginning June 1, 2022, a reminder to automatically enroll in the FBA Remote Fulfillment Program (NARF) will appear on Seller Central. You can click on the Auto-enroll Remote Shipping card on the Seller Central home page to view details.

If you do not want to use FBA Remote Fulfillment (NARF) to boost your sales: You will need to opt out of your enrollment by July 1, 2022, or you will be automatically enrolled in FBA Remote Fulfillment (NARF).

Do you understand what Amazon Logistics remote delivery is?

With this program, you can use FBA inventory stored in amazon’s U.S. operations center to ship sales orders in Canada and Mexico, saving you from managing inventory at three sites, cross-border shipping, and import tariffs, and helping you easily expand sales opportunities at three sites in North America. Amazon helps sellers manage cross-border delivery, and you can manage your own business and brand at these sites while paying tariffs for goods imported into Canada and Mexico.

In the “search results page” and “Product Details page,” buyers will see that the items are imported, along with the import tariffs and fees associated with each item.

Why was the program added? There are more customers in Canada and their consumption level is relatively high. Here are the specific advantages:

Canada’s economy is growing fast and affordable.

  1. In 2020, Canada’s GDP was USD1744 trillion, ranking among the top ten in the world, with a high level of economic development.
  2. Canada’s per capita income is about 43,700 US dollars, ranking second and third in North America, with high per capita income and huge consumption potential.

Online shopping is popular, especially on Amazon.

Canadian consumers love online shopping. Amazon is popular. The penetration rate of online shopping in Canada is 76.7% today and will rise to 81.1% by 2024. Of those, more than 58 percent said they like to shop on Amazon.

The average Canadian family spends about $2,748 a year on online shopping.

Mexico has a large population, a high proportion of young people and a general preference for online shopping.

  1. Mexico has a total population of 130 million 7. Among them, young people aged 0-24 account for 42.98%.
  2. Mexico has a high Internet penetration rate and is keen on online shopping. About 70 percent of Mexico’s 88 million Internet users shop online.
  3. E-commerce is growing fast and has great space for development

Mexico’s e-commerce is expected to grow by 75% to $14.8 billion in 2021, with cross-border e-commerce super profitable.

Electronic retail sales only account for 3.1% of the total retail sales in Mexico at present. It is expected that the annual growth of electronic retail sales will maintain around 25% in the future.

In addition, The flow of Amazon Canada station and Mexico station is large, the monthly page views are as high as 15.9 million and 11.5 million person-times respectively 12, a good flow basis can ensure that your products are fully exposed.

What’s more, Canada and Mexico border the United States, have similar consumption habits, similar best-selling categories, and share festivals with the United States with additional domestic holidays, which can be too friendly for novice sellers!

How to join Amazon Logistics remote delivery? Are there any special requirements for sellers and products?

First, please confirm whether your account and goods meet the requirements of the program.

Qualification requirements for sellers

To participate in the program, sellers need to have a professional sales Account and a Unified Account in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Qualification requirements for goods

Not all products meet the requirements of the program. You can download the “ASIN Status Report” from the page “Seller Platform > Inventory > Amazon Logistics Remote Delivery” to see which products are eligible. To qualify for the program, goods must:

  1. FBA can be used in the US
  2. Pass Amazon’s regulatory risk assessment
  3. Compliance with all trade compliance requirements and regulations of the destination country
  4. Restricted goods, prohibited goods, and dangerous goods do not meet the requirements of the program.
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