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What is an FBA forwarder?

Fba freight forwarders China to the USA, freight forwarders are logistics companies that have long-term cooperation with air freight and shipping companies. They book space for the seller, lease this space to the seller, and then ship your goods from China to the USA by sea or air. It is equivalent to an agent of a cargo ship or an air freight company.

Fba freight forwarder  China to the USA, Fba logistics freight forwarder is a kind of logistics agent that specializes in transporting goods to the Fba warehouse.

For Fba freight forwarders China to the USA ,  Fba freight forwarders choose the following two modes of transportation:

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

Fba Freight Forwarder China to USA: air freight

Air freight is transported to the destination by a cargo plane or a passenger plane. After customs clearance, the goods will be sent to the designated FBA warehouse according to the time booked by the customer.

Fast aging, high safety, suitable for the transport of precious small products. For example, it takes about 7-10 days to get to FBA in the United States.

Fba freight forwarder  China to the USA: by sea

There are two ways of shipping: FCL and LCL. Through the way of cargo ship transportation, the goods will be transported to the destination port after unpacking and sorting and then the local logistics company will transport the goods to the FBA warehouse at the specified time.

Carrying capacity is relatively large, the cost is relatively low, and suitable for the transportation of large products, to the United States, the sea + delivery takes about 30-45 days.

Fba freight forwarder China to the USA, when choosing a Fba shipping company, the first issue that must be considered is the route. For example, if the FBA freight forwarder in China has no dedicated channel, it is likely to be transferred during transportation and stay there for a long time. Therefore, the validity cannot be guaranteed.

Amazon warehouse
Amazon warehouse

Fba freight agent  China to The USA, through transportation, it only takes 11 days to reach the United States but also can ensure the time and safety of transportation.

What we need to see is not only the Fba freight forwarder China to the USA, but also the information on freight forwarder companies, the scale of development, and whether they have professional operation experience.

It can be seen from the professional customs clearance and customs clearance that Fba freight forwarder China twith good customs clearance ability can easily solve the problems in transportation, and can quickly transport the goods to the FBA warehouse without being stuck because of customs clearance.

Nowadays, many businesses focus on the transportation and time of goods, which shows how important a special freight forwarding company is.

Fba freight forwarder  China to the USA, what should be paid attention to?

Before shipment, the exporter shall prepare the INVOICE and PACKING LIST, and the customer who needs foreign customs clearance shall provide the product H.S. Code, or provide the details of the goods for our company to confirm the H.S. Code

Fba freight forwarder  China
Fba freight forwarder  China

Before shipment, the forwarder shall sign the customs clearance power of attorney (general trade) with the American importer.

The exporter shall provide the information of the goods manufacturer, final consignee, and importer to the forwarder to declare ISF

If the exporter does not have a company in the United States, the company name and EIN of the final consignee (such as the cooperative warehouse) shall be provided

Shanghai Xinhe confirms whether the consignee has an ANNUAL BOND according to the EIN of the consignee. If not, our company suggests the customer choose ANNUAL BOND or SINGLE BOND for customs clearance according to the actual situation of the customer

Customers who export electronic products shall ensure that the products are free from false FCC, UL, and CE logos. If there are logos, certification certificates shall be providedCustomers who export transportation products (such as motorcycle parts) should ensure that the goods meet the DOT standard certification

Fba freight forwarder  China
Fba freight forwarder  China

Customers who export food, medicine, care, and beauty products should ensure that the goods are approved by FDA

For the export of products with wood or ingredients with wood, the manufacturer shall provide the material of the wood product and the ingredients shall be used to declare the LACEY ACT to the USDA

Exporters should not export the goods to the United States. Once detected by the United States Customs, the goods will be confiscated and the customs will continue to inspect the goods exported by the exporter to the United States. The customs inspection not only delays the delivery time but also generates hundreds of thousands of dollars of inspection fees for each inspection.

If FBA customers want to export to The United States by sea, they are advised to send the goods to a warehouse, AZ 85043 in AZ

FBA customers try to buy ANNUAL BOND to save costs

Customers who ship goods to FBA must find a freight forwarder with experience in FBA operation, otherwise it will result in foreign customs clearance failure or AMAZON return.

Goods exported to the USA cannot be packed in logs

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

The US Customs stipulates that all goods exported from CHINA should be marked “MADE IN CHINA”

export to the United States customers must choose the freight forwarder, we are your best choice!

Fba freight forwarder  China to the USA, providing services

Send the goods to the warehouse of the domestic service provider.

Domestic service providers transport goods to Amazon warehouses

Fba freight forwarders  China to the USA generally include these services:

pick up from patron

Such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai these coastal cities, because the freight forwarding company is more, so many logistics companies are supporting door-to-door, so that the seller can save to contact their own domestic freight company to receive and send; And some still come to collect goods free, still can save this part of domestic transportation cost.

sea freight from china to usa ship to amazon fba
sea freight from china to usa ship to amazon fba

Transportation of goods

The freight company will first find a shipping or shipping company to book space, and then arrange the transport of goods to the port, such as the time of shipment will be shipped. After arriving at the destination, it will unload and wait for the consignee to pick up the goods or deliver them. There are usually no problems with this transportation process.

Double customs clearance

This service includes an export declaration of goods and import clearance of the destination country. Many forwarder companies work with local customs agents.

As long as the seller provides the relevant information by the requirements of the forwarder company, the forwarder will conduct customs declaration and customs clearance at the destination after confirmation, which is relatively high efficiency and improves the overall transportation efficiency of the goods.

fastest shipping from china to usa
fastest shipping from china to usa


 Print Amazon label:

print the corresponding label of each product according to amazon FBA barcode content requirements

Agent labeling:

By amazon FBA warehousing requirements, each product shall be affixed with the corresponding barcode

Sorting fee:

According to the type and quantity requirements of amazon FBA storage products, sorting and packing by boxes


General delivery, there will be express delivery or truck delivery. If it is delivered by express delivery, it is generally not necessary to make an appointment for warehousing in advance, and the aging is relatively fast, which is relatively high cost; The cost of the truck is relatively cheap, suitable for bulk goods, but remember to make an appointment in advance oh.

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