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Product packaging plays a big role in maintaining the integrity of Amazon FBA during shipping and storage. This article gives you an introduction to FBA Amazon shipping requirements of products, as well as packaging shipping test levels.

FBA Amazon shipping requirements of products

1、Appearance of goods

FBA Amazon shipping requirements of products appearance are very strict, and slightly defective products are generally rejected. When sellers face the goods, they should thoroughly check the appearance of each box of goods to see if there is any damage or deformation.

2、National standards

In order to distinguish the goods, FBA will require the national mark to be pasted on the outer box. Basically, the national standard is 4cm square, stick on the upper right corner of the narrow side of the goods, stick 2 pieces.

FBA Amazon shipping requirements

FBA Amazon shipping requirements

3、Correct labeling

FBA label

FBA label is the identification of the outer box of goods identified by Amazon at the time of receipt, which consists of 128 barcodes and FBA information. It is generated in the Amazon system, and each batch of FBA label code is prefixed with a three-dimensional number.


FNSKU (Fulfillment Network SKU) to identify it as a product unique to the seller. FNSKU labels are required for every product sold on Amazon, but you can register with Amazon to ensure that your manufacturer barcode meets this requirement.

Amazon FBA Carton Labels

Amazon FBA label sticker A4 printable label 210*297mm This size is suitable for playing outer box PDF
1、Check whether each product is consistent with the shipping quantity filled in online, Amazon FBA USA different items should not be combined together, make sure the name and properties of the item match the sticky label.

2, with a laser printer to print the appropriate label, the size of the paper to matter, to ensure that the label will not be difficult to see or dirty, do not use inkjet printers to print product or packaging labels.

3, in accordance with the PDF file provided by Amazon, the production of labels, each commodity are glued to the label, pay attention not to paste to the interface may be damaged, will affect the scan.

4, the U.S. Amazon FBA in the carrier’s label below, stick the container label, but the weight of the shipping package should not exceed 50 pounds, or else to stick a reminder label the number of shipments, but also not more than the number filled out online.

5, find the carrier that can provide tracking number, Amazon can track the goods, use the Ship and Track button to enter the tracking number.

FBA Amazon shipping requirements

FBA Amazon shipping requirements

LTL pallet label

If you are using Amazon LTL or Flexport LTL, your shipment will need to be palletized before it is delivered to Amazon. The pallet label will be applied to Amazon’s warehouse.

Flexport requires limited access to your Amazon Seller Central account so that your operations team can download, print and apply the pallet labels after the shipment has been palletized in the warehouse.

Full Container Packing Options

If you are shipping a full container to Amazon, you can choose to palletize or floor load your shipment. If you choose to palletize, pallet labels must be applied when the shipment is shipped at origin.

If the master carton is marked with the Amazon SKU or product name listed in the Amazon SKU, the FBA label can only be applied to the Flexport warehouse. If the carton is not marked and you request labeling services at a Flexport warehouse, you will be held responsible.

Overweight Labeling

According to Amazon FBA shipping requirements, the weight of a single package cannot exceed 30 kg, which is a mandatory norm set by Amazon based on the product operational power rules.

FBA Amazon shipping requirements

FBA Amazon shipping requirements

How many levels of packaging shipping tests are there?

Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP)

Ships in Own Container (SIOC)

Prep-Free Packaging (PFP)

You can visit [Sellercentral] for more useful knowledge.

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FBA Amazon shipping requirements

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