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In a September 15 update, Amazon’s US site suddenly made an announcement about eliminate Amazon packaging.

Due to the Amazon Accelerate conference launched including reducing packaging waste and environmentally friendly initiatives, it is expected that by 2024 (that is, next year) to all FBA sellers to reduce packaging waste by eliminating Amazon packaging, which is also Amazon’s greatest efforts to global warming and sustainable development.

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.

Eliminate Amazon packaging to Protect Environment

Eliminate Amazon packaging may have a significant impact on many Amazon FBA sellers.

The Amazon Accelerate conference also launched several initiatives to help sellers minimize packaging waste by reducing the packaging used to ship products, help buyers discover more sustainable products through certification, and measure sellers’ sustainability efforts. Amazon also recognized three small businesses for their work in their local communities.


Eliminate Amazon packaging

Eliminate Amazon packaging


Here are some highlights from the afternoon sessions on day two:

Private label packaging instead of Amazon packaging

The program, which will be rolled out to all sellers using FBA in 2024, will allow Amazon to redesign your packaging so that your products can be shipped in your own branded product packaging without any Amazon add-on packaging.
The program reduces expenses by lowering FBA fees, making packaging more cost-effective, and reducing shipping costs by saving packaging space.

Amazon has also added three new certifications for sellers to earn the Climate Commitment Friendly badge:

SCS Recycled Content Standard, which recognizes electronics with high recycled content utilization;

International Sustainability&Carbon Certification Plus, which recognizes bio-based materials and demonstrates that products can be renewed or regenerated rather than discarded;

Plant-Based Hybrid Fibers, more sustainable plant-based materials in textiles.

Learn how to join the Climate Commitment Friendly, Amazon Renewal and Product Packaging & Shipping programs in the new Sustainability One-Stop Shop.

In the Sustainability Dashboard, view performance metrics for registered Climate Commitment Friendly and Product Packaging & Transportation products and find recommendations on which products to register next and the expected impact on your business.


Eliminate Amazon packaging

Eliminate Amazon packaging


Use the Certification Recommender tool to identify relevant Climate Commitment Friendly certifications and go to the new Sustainability category in the Service Provider Network to find service providers that can help with the registration of product and packaging sustainability programs.

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