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Door-to-door shipping term to USA originally refers to the door-to-door pick-up by the transportation department, and it can be delivered to the door without turning over to pick up the goods. Now it often refers to the transportation of goods from the consignor’s warehouse (delivery point) directly to the consignee’s warehouse (receiving point).

That is to say, no matter how far or near the shipment is, or the whole process has to go through several transportation links, from when the goods are received in the shipper’s warehouse to when the goods are delivered to the consignee’s warehouse, the entire transportation process is borne by the transportation department.

Advantages of using door-to-door shipping term to USA

Save time

The main benefit of using door-to-door shipping term to USA is that save you a lot of time. Such time includes the time it takes you to travel to China to engage with suppliers.
Also, the time it takes you to negotiate with the different carriers of your shipment and the time it takes during customs clearance.

Your freight forwarder can always free up your time to focus on other key elements of your business. For example, you can use this time to expand your business by finding new customers for your items.

door-to-door shipping term to USA

Cut costs

By using door-to-door shipping term to USA, you will save on shipping costs. Such fees include your travel to China to monitor your shipments. Your freight forwarder can also minimize your shipping costs by partnering with efficient and low-cost carriers or your shipments.

The advantage of this is that you can use those savings for other purposes, such as increasing imports.

Freight forwarding communication is convenient

By using door-to-door shipping term to USA, you don’t need to hire different freight forwarders for shipping. You will have only one freight forwarder to handle your shipment from China to your destination.
This shows that when you are looking for a freight forwarder, you need to choose a freight forwarder who is familiar with the customs regulations of both countries. That is the customs regulations of China and your country. A single freight forwarder can also reduce your cost of hiring another freight forwarder in the destination country.

Pressure-free customs clearance

Importing goods from another country requires a lot of paperwork and customs authorization. With the help of forwarder agent in China, you should be able to go through Chinese customs and customs authorities in your country without a hitch. We will also notify you of prohibited items to avoid and pay all required duties on your behalf.

door-to-door shipping term to USA

Cost of China door-to-door shipping term to USA

US door-to-door shipping term to USA charges include:Domestic delivery fee, customs declaration fee, inspection fee, sea freight, surcharge, such as CAF, BAF, etc.

Door-to-door shipping from China to USA surcharge includes:

1. Additional charges due to different ports: port congestion charge, port surcharge, direct flight surcharge, port selection fee, etc.
2. Additional surcharges due to different characteristics of the goods: extra-long surcharge, overweight surcharge, cabin washing fee, etc.
3. Surcharges temporarily increased due to other reasons: depreciation surcharges, fuel surcharges, etc.

U.S. import GST tax and tariff collection details:

Import GST = (value of goods + sea freight (20USD/CBM) + insurance + tariff) * 10%
Tariff = tax rate (5%-10%, general common goods are 5%) * value of goods.

The import tax of the goods is estimated to be 1-5%. For details, you can make relevant inquiries, and the specific customs documents shall prevail.

door-to-door shipping term to USA

Door-to-door shipping term to USA operating procedures

Sourcing Goods: In the first stage, the importer identifies the goods/products produced by Chinese producers. He makes inquiries, communicates with producers, places orders and pays.

Hire a door-to-door freight forwarder: Next you need to contract with a shipping agent to handle the collection, customs clearance and transportation of the cargo to his or her destination. Xiongda International can provide you with one-stop door-to-door transportation to the United States and is your reliable freight forwarder

Pickup Transportation: Freight forwarders pick up the goods from the manufacturer’s factory or warehouse, load them on trucks, and transport them to airports, seaports, or rail lines for transportation.

Preparing customs documents: At this stage, the freight forwarder submits all the customs documents required by the Chinese customs authorities. These documents will provide all the information about the shipment and the country to which it will be shipped.

Cargo Transportation: Cargo will be loaded into containers and shipped to ships for loading. Before this stage, the freight forwarder has already contacted the carrier on your behalf and arranged all means. After this, the voyage to your home country will begin.

Home delivery: Once the goods are delivered to your country, your agent will use the services of their intermediary to clear customs for the customer. Once duty-paid goods are released, they will be trucked to the address you provide.


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