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Door to door shipment to US includes door-to-door packaging, warehousing, transportation, export declaration, customs clearance, and tax payment. A series of processes such as warehouse delivery.
This service is also known as “door-to-door” in international trade, and this service method is adopted by many shippers.

Process of door to door shipment to US

1. Commodity purchase

In this initial step, the U.S. importer locates the commodity/product produced by the Chinese manufacturer. They then suggest getting in touch with the manufacturer, placing an order and paying for it.

At this point, importers can also speak to an experienced freight forwarder to assist with the formalities and confirm that the product they will be purchasing is not on the list of restricted or prohibited goods.

door to door shipment to US

2. Hire a freight forwarder

In the second step, the importer needs to hire and sign a contract with a professional door to door shipment to US freight forwarder to be responsible for the whole transportation.
A professional door to door shipment to US freight forwarder will take care of the pick-up at the manufacturer’s warehouse, customs clearance and transport to the final destination in your country.

3. Pick up the goods

Freight forwarders collect goods from manufacturers’ factories or warehouses, load them into vehicles, and drive them to airports, ports, or rail lines, depending on the most suitable mode of transportation.

4. Customs documents

At this point, the freight forwarder provides all documents required by the customs officials of the exporting country.

This document will contain all the details about the shipment and how it will be shipped to the US, including the value, weight and dimensions of the shipment, etc. The documents are then submitted to customs officials.

5. Cargo transportation

One container will be full of goods, and if sea freight is chosen, the goods will be transferred to the ship for loading. It is worth noting that before this, the forwarder will communicate with the carrier in advance on your behalf and establish all the means. The journey back to your country will start after that.

door to door shipment to US

6. Home delivery

When the goods are shipped to the United States, your agent will use their intermediary network to clear customs for the customer. The goods will be placed on the vehicle and delivered to the address you provide after payment of customs duties and has been cleared for release.

Door to door shipment to US charges include

Domestic delivery fee, customs declaration fee, inspection fee, sea freight, surcharges, such as CAF, BAF, etc.

Door to door shipment to US surcharges include: 

1. Additional charges due to different ports: port congestion charges, port surcharges, direct flight surcharges, port selection fees, etc.

2. Additional surcharges due to different characteristics of goods: extra length surcharge, overweight surcharge, tank cleaning fee, etc.

3. Surcharges temporarily added due to other reasons: depreciation surcharges, fuel surcharges, etc.

door to door shipment to US

Door to door shipment to US Advantages

Low cost

These delivery services don’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. You don’t need to incur fees at every stage of the fulfillment process; everything is done in one go. It’s affordable.

Operational efficiency

The lower operational workload is also an advantage. The success of a business depends to a large extent on how efficiently a company operates. Since the courier company will take care of the logistics, you don’t need to waste energy or resources during the fulfillment process. Instead, you can spend your time developing marketing strategies, growing your core business, product development, and more.

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