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What does door to door service mean?
Door to door service describes a shipping method where the product is picked up at the door of the vendor and delivered to the recipient’s door.

Door to door service is ideal when you want to send goods internationally. The freight forwarding company of your choice will provide you with a quote, enabling you to compare rates and shipping times instantly, and providing you with all the information on shipping rates and applicable discounts.

The carrier will manage the entire shipping process, starting with the collection of goods from your warehouse, shipping, customs clearance, and the necessary paperwork and delivery. Remember, door-to-door delivery using ocean and rail freight is a warehouse-to-warehouse service.

door to door service

Door to door service step by step guide

Before choosing door to door service, you need to understand its shipping process. Familiarity with the shipping process will help you identify your shipping stages. Throughout the process, determine what you have to do.

Step 1: Confirm the freight and delivery method with the forwarder

Step 2: Pick up from factory or supplier and ship to China warehouse

Step 3: Our warehouse team will check the packaging and labels for compliance with shipping requirements

Step 4: China Customs Clearance and Export Declaration

Step 5: Origin Processing Fees and Services

Step 6: Handling at the port of loading/airport

Step7: By sea or by air?

Step 8: Clear customs upon arrival

Step 9: Home Delivery

door to door service

Advantages of door to door service

1. You can enjoy a streamlined shipping experience

Door to door service involve your cargo insurance. The freight forwarder will ensure proper and complete paperwork is completed. Your shipment is delivered to your door in perfect condition.

2. Save your energy and reduce the hassle of the shipping process

Door to door service is here to save us all the effort and stress.After you pay for the door-to-door shipping service, it is the agent’s responsibility to ship your goods to the country you want. They will do the work for you and save you from all the hassle of shipping.

3. Save your time

After placing your order, it will take a long time for your goods to arrive at your destination port. For example, if you are from Europe, you will be responsible for the process of your shipment from China to the destination country. And door-to-door shipping will ensure you receive your shipment on time.

4. Saves you money

When the goods are ready, they are picked up by freight forwarders who provide door to door service . After that, they will go through all the process from departure to destination.

Because of the single freight forwarding in the whole process, you do not have to pay multiple times and spend less money. Whereas in other shipping services, you need to contact different people to handle your process from start to finish.

door to door service

Shipping methods of door to door service

Door to door service takes shipping costs into account in the shipping options that will be offered. Depending on their needs and expectations, buyers can choose to ship by air or sea.
The choice of shipping is mainly affected by two factors:

Cargo volume/weight
The urgency of the situation

The main difference between sea and air freight is the transit time. The door-to-door air freight time from China to the United States is around 7-12 days. The door-to-door time for shipping from China to USA is around 20-40 days.

Express delivery

Once you need your shipment to arrive faster than any other method and track your package online. Then the express shipping option is yours. Shipping courier from China requires the use of a cargo plane. Specializing in the delivery of small quantities of goods. As with any other shipping method, fees will vary based on weight.

Using DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and other courier services can ensure that your package arrives safely.

Air transport

But what if you have a heavier load and want the cost to be cheaper? For this situation, air freight may be a good option, fast and safe.

Also, be aware that air transportation can sometimes be cheaper than boat transportation. This is the case, for example, when your cargo is less than 1.5 or 2 cubic meters. Also, keep in mind that the rules for charter flights are much stricter. Like liquids, batteries, dangerous goods.

door to door service

Sea freight

Cost-effective Door to door service option
Ocean freight is the primary mode of transportation for global import and export business. Low price, high volume, FCL or LCL options. All these advantages make ocean shipping the first choice for international trade. It takes more time than other shipping services (20-40 days on average. Depends on where you want your shipping to go).

It’s not like air freight! Ocean freight is very flexible and can ship many different types of goods.

Customs clearance process for door to door service

1. Book space, determine the delivery address, cargo weight, volume, container type, container volume, starting port, and loading time.

2. Loading, arrange loading and fumigation according to the determined time.

3. Customs declaration, according to the packing list and invoice of the goods for customs declaration and export.

4. After the customs declaration and release, the shipping company’s materials and documents are prepared, and the bill of lading information is checked for correctness.

5. Track the dynamics of the ship and determine the arrival time, and send the original bill of lading, certificate of origin and fumigation certificate to the destination port in advance for customs clearance.

6. Submit packing list, invoice, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate and other materials in the local customs system for customs clearance a few days before the goods arrive at the port. The certificate of origin can reduce or exempt customs duties.

7. Follow up the customs system data to calculate the corresponding tariff, and arrange the payment of taxes and fees after confirming that it is correct.

8. Arrange the delivery of the goods after the customs release. If the whole container directly arranges the truck to deliver the goods to the designated address of the consignee. If it is a bulk cargo, first mention the warehouse unpacking, and then arrange a truck to deliver it to the address designated by the consignee.

If the receiving address is a prohibited area, you need to change the delivery by a small truck. If unloading and installation workers are required, they can accompany the vehicle. arrange.

9. After unloading the goods, transport the container back to the stack, if necessary, clean up the packaging and garbage of the goods.

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