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Delivery from China to USA 

Delivery from China to USA, there are three main ways of logistics, respectively express, air, and sea.

Express is the FBA head process model built by commercial express, which can be directly shipped to the United States, characterized by fast speed and good stability.

Air transportation is a cost-effective logistics service created by international logistics companies using dedicated line services and integrating professional logistics service providers at destinations. It is characterized by good speed and tariff services.

Sea transportation, similar to air transportation, is sea transportation plus terminal delivery mode. Through the cooperation with the shipping company, the use of the shipping company’s shipping, docking destination professional logistics services, to create a logistics mode is characterized by large carrying capacity, low tariff, and slow speed.

Delivery from China to USA 
Delivery from China to USA

Delivery from China to USA, logistics summary:

[Express] First weight 0.5kg, continued weight 0.5kg, unlimited weight. Can arrive in the USA, the whole signing period of 3-7 days, fast.

[Air transportation] First weight, continued weight 0.5kg, limit weight 500kg. Can arrive in the USA, the overall signing period of 7-15 days, and speed in general. Can provide DDP prepayment tariff, and convenient customs clearance.

[Shipping] Lifting 23kg, unlimited weight. Can arrive in the United States, the overall signing period of 20-50 days, fast ship speed is faster, slow ship speed is slower, provide double clearance service, convenient customs clearance.

With the development of the electric dealer market, cross-border electricity is more and more popular, for merchants logistics cost is one of the important factors, they must consider choosing a fast, and cheap price channels to allow them to reduce the cost of large shipping to become their first choice, What are the logistics methods of delivery from China to USA?

Shipping from China to USA 
Shipping from China to USA

Shipping from China to USA  is Matson, ZIM, and Yantian, they can provide faster logistics speed, then how should we choose?

Matson Express, which integrates the whole freight process, and provides the advantages of the process and the exclusive dock, has the most significant characteristics of fast pick-up and aging. It only takes about 12 working days to ship from Shanghai to Long Beach. It’s the fastest channel by far.

Delivery from China to USA,In addition to high speed, Matson has its exclusive dock, while other shipping companies use public docks, so Matson has higher container handling efficiency, which is the most significant advantage in the peak season of shipment, which is not easy to arrange warehouse and has good stability.

Matson is the fastest channel, so the price is also the highest, and the goods need to be sent to Shanghai for shipment after receiving in other cities in China.

fastest shipping from china to usa
fastest shipping from china to usa

The appearance of ZIM makes China’s South China say goodbye to the history of no clippers, China’s south China partners do not need to go to China’s East China in the Trailer to go to The United States by sea, ZIM’s advantage is mainly in the region and price. The goods can be shipped at the Yantian port of Shenzhen, China. The company is very friendly to the cross-border e-commerce exporters in the Pearl River Delta region of China, with fast loading and low price, 1 to 2 yuan lower than Matson’s per kilogram.

ZIM’s overall speed is about 2 days slower than Matson’s. In the end, the efficiency is not as good as Matson’s. It will take about 14 working days to ship directly to the United States. After arriving at the port, we will use the public port. Once we meet the peak season, we may face port cancellation and time delays. If Matson is suitable for urban export enterprises around Shanghai, then ZIM is suitable for enterprises around the Pearl River Delta. Of course, in the peak export season, if you want to reduce the warehouse rate of goods, Matson is your better choice.

Logistics services from China to America
Logistics services from China to America

Finally, we talk about Yantian Clipper, Yantian is the lowest price among the three channels, if you want to save logistics costs, the first choice of Yantian ship. However, the time limit is the slowest compared with the other two. It takes about 16 working days for direct shipping from Yantian in Shenzhen, China to the United States, and the port is also used by the Industrial and Communist Party of China. It is easy to meet port cancellations in peak season and cause delays.

Finally, to summarize the logistics speed comparison of delivery from China to the United States:

Matson: take orders on Friday every week, ship on Wednesday, 11 days to the port of Long Beach, and the next day can be picked up.

ZIM: Pick up the order on Saturday every week, ship on Wednesday, 13 days to arrive at the Port of Los Angeles, the next day can be picked up.

Salt field ship: every week on Wednesday to receive orders, sailing on Sunday, 14 days to arrive at Los Angeles port, 3 to 7 days can be extracted.

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

Delivery from China to USA, air freight has three channels: mainland air + Hong Kong air, Hong Kong air +UPS


Delivery from China to USA,Continental air transport

Continental air freight, delivery from China to USA, flight resources are rich, there are flights to the United States every day.After the goods arrive in the United States, UPS is responsible for delivery at the end. The whole signing time of 7 to 10 days, is fast.

The advantages of continental air freight are: fast speed, good stability, can quickly send goods to the United States. The disadvantage is that: can only undertake ordinary goods, generally including electricity, liquid, and other items, is unable to carry.

Delivery from China to USA,Hong Kong air freight

Delivery from China to USA,Hong Kong air freight, goods from Hong Kong transfer to the United States, flight resources are rich, flights are arriving in the United States every day. This channel flies directly from Hong Kong to the United States. There are special customs clearance agents responsible for the clearance of goods with a strong customs clearance capacity.

Can undertake a variety of electrified items, including built-in batteries, supporting batteries, and other products. The advantage of Hong Kong air freight is that it can carry a wide range of goods that cannot be carried by mainland air. Disadvantages are also more obvious, because of the need to deliver goods to Hong Kong airport air transport, the overall transport time will be slower.

from China shipping to USA
from China shipping to USA

Delivery from China to USA,Hong Kong Air Freight +UPS

Hong Kong air transport +UPS, both Hong Kong air transport channels. The difference is that the end of the channel is delivered by UPS. UPS has developed a local logistics network in the United States with fast delivery speed and time-effectiveness to meet the logistics needs of different Amazon sellers. Hong Kong airfreight +UPS is more affordable than Hong Kong airfreight.

Delivery from China to USA,Hong Kong by air

Hong Kong Air Transport is also a Hong Kong air transport channel. The difference is that Hong Kong Air flies directly from Shanghai to the United States, while the other two routes depart from Hong Kong. The channel provides services such as double clearing of package tax and magnetic inspection of goods to meet the logistics needs of sellers in different regions. The aging time of whole body signing is 7-15 days, and the speed is stable.

sea freight from China to the US
sea freight from China to the US

Delivery from China to USA, how to choose their head logistics?

Through the above introduction, we have a clear idea of the modes of transportation in the United States and understand the characteristics and advantages of these modes of transportation. According to the characteristics and advantages of these modes of transportation, you know what kind of transportation you need: express delivery, suitable for high logistics speed requirements, the high value of goods.

Air transport, suitable for speed requirements is not too urgent, but there is a certain logistics speed for the use of goods. Shipping is suitable for sellers who do not require high speed and want to reduce logistics costs. We can also according to their own logistics needs, comprehensive choice of logistics transportation, to achieve the best price to use the best delivery logistics.

Delivery from China to USA,Applicable to amazon FBA header precautions

Delivery from China to USA,In the use of the Amazon FBA head process, we should not only learn to choose FBA logistics but also need to understand FBA’s delivery operation process and Amazon warehouse requirements. Only by understanding each operation link and operation standard, can we ensure the warehouse entry. In addition, the customs policy of the destination country is also a focus of attention.

Know which items can be imported, which items are prohibited, which items need certification documents, and the infringement of items, and so on.

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