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Quick Answer: How to quickly delivery from China to US Amazon FBA?

Express delivery

You can use express to delivery from China to US Amazon FBA. Products weighing less than 100 kg or having a size less than 0.5 cubic meters can be shipped via express options like UPS, FedEx, TNT or DHL.

The price offered by these couriers is 6-7 USD per kg. You can calculate the estimated amount needed for express delivery. This way, you can draw conclusions about whether importing is profitable for you. Prices are constantly changing and can easily change during high and low seasons.

Delivery times: 3, 5 and 7 days

delivery from China to US Amazon FBA

Air transport

When your cargo weighs more than 200kg and exceeds 2 cubic meters, using air freight to delivery from China to US Amazon FBA is the best choice.
It is recommended that you always use a China freight forwarder when shipping by air as they will be able to take advantage of their high volume rates to offer you a much lower cost than the supplier, or if you are trying to arrange the shipment yourself.

The advantage of air delivery from China to US Amazon FBA is that it is much faster than ocean freight and may even be cheaper than sea freight LCL for small quantities. The average transit time for air freight is within 5 to 9 days after departure from China.

The rate per kilo for air freight is usually cheaper than express. In addition to this, the factor used to calculate the dimensional weight is higher, which means that the cost of shipping goods charged by dimensional weight is lower compared to air express. Volumetric weight can be calculated as the total CBM divided by 6000.

delivery from China to US Amazon FBA

Sea freight

If your cargo weight needs to be between 400kg and 2000kg, the size is between 2-4 cubic meters. Delivery from China to US Amazon FBA by sea is usually used when you don’t need urgent delivery.

Ocean freight cost

General sea freight refers to the basic freight plus surcharges, such as fuel surcharge BAF, currency adjustment surcharge CAF, peak season surcharge PSS, overweight fee OWS, and AMS to the United States. The specific situation should be analyzed in detail.

The general sea freight allin price includes o / f, ddc, baf (abaf), it is impossible to have caf. At the port of departure, there are SPS (Shanghai port terminal operation fee), orc (receipt fee in South China), and at the port of destination, there are ISP, Chow Tai Fook (air cleaning fee), PIERPASS fee, etc. In addition, an ams fee of usd25 / ticket is charged.

not urgent
reasonable price
tax included

Delivery time: After the ship is sent out from the Chinese port, it will take about 18-30 days.

delivery from China to US Amazon FBA

Delivery from China to US Amazon FBA Tips

Make sure your shipment is wrapped or securely contained.

Wrapped in some sort of plastic or casing so it won’t be covered in carton cardboard dust when it reaches the customer.

Ensure that the packaged product is placed in the outer box to minimize empty space.

Fill the carton with filler to fill any voids to prevent units from bumping into each other and moving around in the carton.

Seal the carton tightly so the device cannot be removed.

Make sure your main carton is structurally sound enough to support any additional weight and prevent mishandling.

Fill any empty space in the master carton – you want the packaging, not your goods, to absorb any shock your goods encounter.

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