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Xiongda International Logistics is an experienced and verified freight forwarder that can ensure that your goods are delivered directly to Amazon FBA warehouses by air, sea or ground service. But how do we ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA?

How to delivery from China to Amazon FBA?

Delivery from China to Amazon FBA by Express

If your goods are less than 100kg or 0.5cbm (0.5 cubic meter), and you require the goods to arrive at the FBA warehouse quickly, then shipping by express such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, etc. is the best choice.

Usually, the price of DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT is 6-7 USD per kg, people can use this figure to roughly calculate the express cost of sending FBA inventory from China to Amazon. This information will be very helpful to the importer in deciding whether the product is worth importing and profitable. Prices change throughout the year, and there are also prices in low and peak seasons.

delivery from China to Amazon FBA

Delivery from China to Amazon FBA by Air

If your goods are about 100kg-400kg, then you still need the goods to arrive at the Amazon warehouse faster, then you can use air freight + local express delivery.

The freight forwarder will take over the goods from your supplier’s warehouse, then arrange air freight to your airport, then they will clear customs and bring the goods to the courier company, and then arrange to ship directly to your Amazon FBA warehouse.

Please know that here you only need to let one freight forwarder do these two services (1. Air + 2. Local express, such as FedEx). They will hand everything over to you and quote you a fixed price which, best of all, includes import taxes.

delivery from China to Amazon FBA

Delivery from China to Amazon FBA by Sea

If your goods are around 400kg-2000kg (2cbm-10cbm), and the delivery time you require is not urgent, sea freight is a good choice. Shipping + express delivery or shipping + truck, these two methods are the most commonly to delivery from China to Amazon FBA.

The forwarder will take over the goods from your supplier’s warehouse, then arrange the sea shipment to your country’s seaport, then they will clear the customs and bring the goods to the courier company, and then arrange to ship directly to your Amazon FBA warehouse.
What is the difference between FCL and LCL?

The most typical sea freight is LCL (Less Than Container Load) shipment. If your shipment is smaller than 18 cbm (cubic meters), you will be an LCL shipment. Think of it like the space your product takes up instead of the weight.

If you fall into this category, it means your product will be placed in a container with other shippers’ products. The container will be shipped to the U.S. and unloaded at a container freight station before it is prepared and sent to an Amazon fulfillment center.

delivery from China to Amazon FBA

To be even more cost-effective, time-saving, these tips for delivery from China to Amazon FBA will hopefully paint a picture of the possibilities so that you can begin to simplify these systems. Keep these points in mind:

You want to keep the distance traveled as short as possible.

Keep the number of lots involved as small as possible.

Organize everything in advance to reduce unnecessary prep time.

Systematize the process so that it can train others and replicate it in all imported products.

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