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DDP shipping to USA, Delivered Duty Paid.It means that the seller is responsible for transporting the goods from the place of departure to the designated destination in the importing country stipulated in the contract, and the goods are actually handed over to the buyer before the delivery is completed.

In the agreement of DDP shipping to USA, sellers need to take on more responsibilities and face greater risks.

In addition to paying the shipping costs, the seller is also responsible for the customs clearance of the goods, including the preparation of documents for customs clearance, payment of taxes and import duties on the goods, and any costs incurred during transportation until the goods are delivered to the buyer , the seller’s task is considered completed, so DDP shipping to USA is more beneficial to consumers.


DDP shipping to USA


DDP shipping to USA applies to all shipping methods

DDP means that the seller delivers the goods that have not been unloaded by means of transport to the buyer at the designated destination, and bears all the risks and costs of transporting the goods to the destination, goes through import customs clearance procedures, pays import taxes, and completes the delivery obligation.

Under DDP shipping to USA clause, the seller should bear the maximum responsibility.

This term should not be used if the seller cannot directly or indirectly obtain an import license.

Delivery after duty paid at the port of destination.

Duty-paid delivery means that the seller goes through the import customs clearance procedures at the designated destination and hands over the unloaded goods on the delivery means of transport to the buyer.


DDP shipping to USA


Benefits of the DDP shipping to USA

Quick customs clearance

If the DDP prepaid tariff mode is not adopted, the customs clearance needs to be done by the shipper or the recipient. Whether it is the shipper or the recipient, it is extremely inconvenient to go to the customs after the arrival of the goods.

Especially in the e-commerce industry, both sellers and buyers have relatively weak customs clearance capabilities, or even no customs clearance capabilities. It takes more time and energy to solve customs clearance and not know where to sell, and to process customs clearance.

In the DDP prepaid tariff mode, a special customs clearance bank is responsible for the customs clearance of the goods.

After the goods arrive at the destination country for pick-up, the customs clearance bank can seamlessly process the customs clearance of the goods quickly, and quickly clear customs and release them quickly.


DDP shipping to USA


Customs clearance is safer

When you use DDP shipping from China to USA, the freight forwarder will review your customs clearance information to see if there are any omissions or mistakes before shipping. This can greatly ensure the safety of customs clearance, compliant customs clearance, compliant tax payment, and green and safe release.

If you or the buyer is responsible for customs clearance, due to unclear customs clearance requirements, the goods may be detained by the customs or even returned, which is prone to customs clearance problems.

High freight efficiency and fast timeliness

Customs clearance is an important part of international freight, which not only affects the smoothness of goods, but also affects the timeliness of freight. Faster customs clearance, high freight efficiency, less time-consuming, naturally faster logistics timeliness.

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