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DDP shipping to the US means that the seller completes the import customs clearance procedures at the designated destination and delivers the goods that have not been unloaded on the delivery vehicle to the buyer to complete the delivery.

The seller must bear all risks and costs of shipping the goods to the named destination, including any “taxes” payable at the destination where customs formalities are required.

What are the channels for DDP shipping to the US?

The most representative logistics channels are ocean shipping from to USA port+ express delivery to warehouse, air + express delivery, which belong to DDP shipping to the US. Their common feature is that no matter what mode of transportation is used in the front part, sea and air transportation are all packaged for customs clearance.

The more popular truck delivery method in recent years, that is, shipping + truck delivery, is also attributed to DDP. This method will have a certain stable time and price advantage, and it can also be delivered after duty payment.

DDP shipping to the US

Which is better, DDP shipping to the US or DDU?

In cross-border e-commerce logistics, the two methods of export have their own advantages and disadvantages, and there is no difference between which one is good and which is not good, only whether it is suitable or not.

1) DDP mode is more suitable if the goods are relatively small, worry-free, convenient and fast;

2) If there are a lot of goods, there are several parties or dozens of parties. Generally, DDU is more suitable and the price is more affordable. DDU will be delivered by truck in the end, and the aging time is relatively stable.

Risks of DDP shipping to the US

No customs clearance service

If you directly ask your supplier to ship the shipment for you, they will tell you they can ship it to you via DDP, but they may not actually clear your shipment! If your goods are smuggled into your country without paying all taxes (import duties, duties and VAT). Once checked, you may be left with nothing.

DDP shipping to the US

Low value declaration

If your cargo is not large, they will greatly reduce the customs value for you in order to save freight. But if you are arrested by customs and asked to pay the tax, you will have to pay the tax and you will also delay the transit time of the goods.

So. What should you do if you need DDP to ship to the US? You can find a professional freight forwarder! A forwarder that can provide DDP shipping.

An experienced China freight forwarder can provide you with the real benefits of DDP shipping to the US:

Advantages of DDP Shipping to the US

Greater profit

Like any general international shipping terms of trade where the seller controls the export of goods, DDP allows the seller to control logistics costs and adjust accordingly to maximize profits.
It also allows the seller to choose which shipping service is willing to provide the most profit for the contract.


The seller can ensure the safety of the goods during pre-carriage transportation, main transportation and transportation.

Save time

The most obvious advantage is of course saving time for the shipper, because DDP saves many troubles such as customs clearance and inland transportation in CIF after the goods arrive at the destination port.

DDP shipping to the US

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