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The cost of containers from China to USA will depend on the type and size of your shipment, and shipping costs will also depend on whether your shipment is shipped as a partial or full shipment.

Shipping containers to the US can be FCL and LCL. For shipments sent full, shipping costs are based on a one-time fee for the entire shipping container and do not change regardless of how full or empty the container is.

For shipments sent as part loads, shipping costs will depend on the amount of space your shipment occupies in the container. Therefore, it is important that you have the exact dimensions of your shipment for shipping so that we can prepare an accurate quote for your shipping costs.

I often hear some customers ask about the LCL billing method for cost of containers from China to USA, which is common sense that foreign trade personnel must understand.
Generally, the “W/M” method is used as the billing method for cost of containers from China to USA.

cost of containers from China to USA

The tonnage calculated by freight is usually divided into weight ton (W) and size ton (M): 1000 kg is 1 weight ton according to the gross weight of the commodity; 1 cubic meter is 1 size ton; the charging standard “W/M” refers to according to the commodity The weight in tons and the dimension in tons are charged. Theoretically, the default unit rate is fixed, and more consideration should be given to the comparison of the freight ton unit variable when calculating the freight.

However, in actual business, different shipping agent in China often give different LCL rates based on weight ton and dimensional ton. In this case, two variables are considered, and the comparison is calculated according to different rates and freight tons.

When calculating container rates, it is necessary to follow the order of comparison based on volume (40ft-20ft-LCL).

Factors affecting cost of containers from China to USA

1. The composition of port prices

The concept of port price The port provides ships entering and leaving the port, navigation in the waterway, and provides loading and unloading equipment for loading and unloading and other related labor services. Therefore, various fees charged to shipping companies, consignees and consignors are port fees, and the calculation basis of port fees is the same as The standard is the port price.

cost of containers from China to USA

2. Market situation

International shipping of goods is also divided into off-season and peak season. If it is off-season, due to the small quantity of goods, the shipping company will give some discounts on international shipping costs in order to attract customers.

And if in the peak season, the number of goods accepted by the shipping company is relatively large, which will naturally affect the cost of containers from China to USA will rise.

3. Freight forwarding company

The level of international shipping and freight forwarding companies have a certain influence. Many importers and exporters have a certain impression of freight forwarding companies to help with related business. In fact, if you choose a larger freight forwarding company, you may not enjoy some discounts on the cost of containers from China to USA.

Since the international freight forwarding company selected by some cargo owners has a large business volume with the target shipping company, and the freight forwarding company has a good relationship with the shipping company, the shipping company may give certain discounts.

cost of containers from China to USA

4. Seasonal factors

The peak shipping season runs from April to May every year and lasts until around December. During peak season, sea freight usually charges a peak season surcharge. The low season is generally in February-March.

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