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In the shipping from China to USA, the cost of container from China to USA is not static, but constantly changing. Especially in recent years, due to the epidemic and port congestion, freight quote have skyrocketed.

Cost of container from China to USA

The cost of container from China to USA will be relatively transparent. FCL container specifications are divided into:

The volume of 20GP (commonly known as 20-foot container) is: 5.69M * 2.13M * 2.18M, ​​the loading volume is about 26m³. The loading gross weight is about 17.5T

The volume of 40GP (commonly known as 40-foot container) is: 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M, the loading volume is about 54m³, and the loading gross weight is about 22T

The volume of 40HQ (commonly known as 40 high cabinet) is: 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M, the loading capacity is about 68m³, and the loading gross weight is about 22T

The volume of 45HQ (commonly known as 45 high cabinet) is: 13.58M * 2.34M * 2.71M, the loading volume is about 86m³, and the loading gross weight is about 29T

Then the commonly used container is 45HQ


cost of container from China to USA


Take Shenzhen to Los Angeles as an example
Shipping company: Evergreen, Maersk
Departure Port: Shenzhen Yantian Port Yantian Port
Destination Port: Port of Los Angeles, USA
Destination: Zip Code: 92551, Warehouse Code: ONT8, Region: West America, Address 24300 Nandina Ave Moreno Valley
Shipping products: general cargo
Cargo operation: palletizing
Handling process: container reservation – handling of products that need to be carried (do a good job of preventing dust, moisture, and damage)
Customs declaration – sailing – arrival at port – customs clearance – delivery – receipt, price: ¥27500.

Here is a detailed explanation of shipping costs from China to the United States:

What Is The Shipping Cost From China To US?

Factors affecting cost of container from China to USA

1. The nature and quantity of the goods

The level of cost of container from China to USA depends on the type of goods. Generally speaking, the freight rate of high-value goods is higher than that of low-value goods; cargo stowage factor (stowage factor: each ton of various goods in the cargo hold) .

The difference in the space occupied during normal stacking) affects the utilization rate of the tank capacity, and the natural freight rate is also different; the freight rate of small batches of goods is usually higher than the freight rate of large quantities of goods; the quantity of goods also affects the space and ship.

The utilization rate of tonnage, when it will cause a large waste of transportation capacity, the freight rate should also be higher.


cost of container from China to USA


2. The origin and destination of the goods

The origin and destination of the goods relate to the depth of the port, loading and unloading operation conditions, the level of port charges, the billing distance between ports, the length of the voyage operation, whether it needs to pass through the canal, whether there is a refueling port on the route and the local oil price and many other factors, which affect the cost of container from China to USA and operating economic benefits.

3. The influence of supply and demand

The reserve of transportation capacity, while meeting the needs of the foreign trade transportation market, may also cause the risk of oversupply. Coupled with the seasonality and timeliness of transportation products, the inherent characteristics of the container liner transportation market and other factors, it may cause the container liner transportation market.

The supply and demand of freight is often out of balance, and sometimes “exploded”, causing the cost of container from China to USA to skyrocket;

4. The difference in the use of ships

Different ships have different seaworthiness and cargo suitability, so the cost of container from China to USA would be different; different ships are used, their technical conditions and safety guarantee conditions are also different. Their cost components are also different, so it is directly related to the cost. The relevant container freight rates must also be different.


cost of container from China to USA


5. Date of contract cancellation and loading preparation

The external market conditions at that time will be quite different, the market supply and demand will also be different, and the contract date and cancellation date will affect the level of cost of container from China to USA.

In addition, the length of the contract period is different, which also affects the level of freight rates. The container freight rate negotiated for long-term transportation contracts is usually lower than that of short-term contracts.

6. Competitors

Under the condition of market economy, the number of competitors, their strength and their own strength in the market have a great impact on the level of cost of container from China to USA. In the transportation market, competitors not only have different shipping operators, but also involve competition between shipping operators and operators of other modes of transportation.

They each adjust the level of container freight to ensure that they can obtain the largest possible price. freight share.

7. Other factors

The shipping industry, especially the international shipping industry, has been increasingly interfered and protected by governments and regions, so various government measures will affect the cost of container from China to USA. In the period when the exchange rate fluctuates greatly, in order to avoid the economic loss caused by the exchange rate risk, shipping operators often have to consider it when formulating the freight rate, or supplement special provisions in the contract appendix.

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