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Contract of carriage means that in order to complete a certain amount of freight tasks, the carrier agrees that the carrier will use the agreed means of transportation to deliver the consignor’s goods to the agreed place within the agreed time and deliver them to the consignee to receive the goods and charge a certain freight An agreement that clarifies mutual rights and obligations.

The international contract of carriage includes the following contents

  • Basic information on the shipper and carrier, including name and address.
  • The name, nature, weight, quantity, and place of receipt of the goods.
  • Mode of transport, responsibility and method of cargo handling, time of transport.
  • The way the consignee receives the goods and how the freight is calculated.
  • The rights and obligations of both parties, and liability for breach of contract.
  • Method of dispute resolution.

Contract Of Carriage


The above content can be negotiated and modified according to the specific conditions of both parties to ensure the rationality and enforceability of the contract.

Whether by sea, air, rail or land, a contract of carriage is required.

Why sign a contract of carriage?

List the rights and obligations of both parties in the contract before commencing transportation to protect the interests of both parties;

Clearly list prices to ensure transparent fees;

When faced with risks, it can better distinguish the responsible party;

The importance of entering into a contract of carriage includes

Protection of the rights and interests of both parties

The contract of carriage is an important means to stipulate the rights and obligations of both parties during the transportation of goods. For the cargo owner, the contract stipulates the responsibilities and obligations of the transportation company, such as transportation time, cargo insurance, etc., to ensure that the cargo arrives at the destination safely and on time.

For the carrier, the contract stipulates the responsibilities and obligations of the cargo owner, such as cargo loading, packaging, etc., to ensure the safety of the cargo during transportation.


Contract Of Carriage


Clear distribution of responsibilities

The transportation contract defines the distribution of responsibilities between the two parties during the transportation process. Once a problem occurs, rights can be defended according to the contract. This helps to reduce disputes and protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties.

Improve transportation efficiency

A reasonable transportation contract can improve transportation efficiency while ensuring the safety of goods. A series of terms and conditions stipulated in the contract help to standardize the transportation process and optimize logistics management, thereby improving transportation efficiency.

Promoting long-term cooperation

Entering into a transportation contract can promote long-term cooperation. By signing the contract, the two parties can establish a stable cooperative relationship, enhance mutual trust, and lay a good foundation for future cooperation.


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