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By the sea freight from China to USA,what are the advantages of container shipping to USA ?

Save cargo packaging materials

Container shipping from China to USA can simplify or eliminate transportation packaging, save packaging materials and expenses, and reduce the cost of goods.
Guarantee the quality of cargo transportation

Container shipping to USA greatly reduces the number of manual loading, unloading and handling in traditional transportation methods, which can avoid cargo damage, wet damage, loss and other freight accidents caused by human and natural factors, and reduce economic losses.

Simplify freight operations

After the goods are transported in containers, the box is used as the transport unit of the goods, which reduces the complicated operation links and simplifies the freight operation procedures.
Reduce operating expenses and lower transportation costs

Cargo damage and cargo difference are greatly reduced, and cargo insurance premiums are also reduced; after carrying out the “door-to-door” transportation business, it can save a lot of warehouse construction costs and warehouse operation costs.

container shipping to USA

Improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations

Since the loading and unloading operation of the container is suitable for mechanization, the loading and unloading operation efficiency is greatly improved. At the same time, the stay time of the container station (port) is greatly shortened, and the turnover of vehicles and ships and the delivery of goods are accelerated.

Easy to automate management

Container shipping to USA is a standardized cargo transportation unit, which creates convenient conditions for automated management.

Freight quote of container shipping to USA

The cost of container shipping to USA depend on the form of the shipment, the method of transportation, the weight of your shipment, and the distance and popularity of the delivery destination from the origin.

While there are more than a dozen different sizes of containers, the 20-foot (TEU) and 40-foot (FEU) containers are the most commonly used.

20-foot container shipping to USA fee:

What suits the TEU will determine the shipping cost. Costs also depend on the type of goods being transported and how efficiently those goods are packed and loaded into containers.

The dimensions of the TEU are as follows:
Length: 19.4 ft (5.9 m)
Width: 7.7 feet (2.35 meters)
Height: 7.9 ft (2.39 m)

Thus, a TEU has a total cubic capacity of 1,172 cubic feet (33.2 cubic meters) and a payload capacity of 55,126.9 pounds (25,000 kg).This means that a 20ft container can usually hold 9-10 standard pallets.

container shipping to USA

40-foot container shipping to USA fee:

FEUs have twice the capacity of TEUs, but do not charge twice the price.
If you want to ship a 20ft container instead of a 40ft container, it’s worth noting that the latter usually costs only 20-25% more than the former.

These are the dimensions of the FEU:
Length: 39.5 ft (12.03 m)
Width: 7.7 feet (2.35 meters)
Height: 7.9 ft (2.39 m)

The FEU has a total cubic capacity of 2,389 cubic feet (67.7 cubic meters) and a payload capacity of 61,200 lbs (27,600 kg).
This means you can fit 20-21 standard pallets in the FEU.

Container shipping to USA FCL, LCL

At present, there are two main types of packaging in the market, one is the way of whole container packing, and the other is the way of bulk cargo LCL.

The FCL container shipping to USA means that the goods in a container belong to one shipper, and the FCL is the freight that the shipper is responsible for packing, counting, stowage and sealing. The unpacking of the FCL is generally handled by the consignee.

container shipping to USA

Advantages of FCL by sea:

In customs clearance work, the FCL is the smallest unit of customs inspection. Therefore, the carrier of the FCL only needs to provide the corresponding document procedures to the customs according to the normal procedures. As long as the requirements are met, the customs can be cleared immediately, and the customs clearance efficiency is very high.

In terms of flexibility, the FCL container shipping to USA is much higher than the LCL, because the LCL requires the carrier to wait for the opportunity, and all the scattered goods to the same destination port can be assembled into a container, which may consume a lot of waiting time. The FCL does not need to wait and can be operated directly, which is very convenient and efficient.

Which one is better, FCL or LCL container shipping to USA?

In terms of transportation process, the LCL process is more complicated than the FCL process.

LCL depends not only on whether your own goods are compliant, but also on whether other goods in the same LCL are compliant. As long as there is a problem with the documents for one shipment of goods in the container, the export customs will not release the goods, so It will affect the overall transportation of goods.

From the overall cost, the cost of LCL is higher than that of FCL. The cost of the whole container mainly includes freight, transportation surcharge and port miscellaneous fees, and the cost is fixed; for LCL, there may be LCL in terms of the cost of assembly at the port of shipment and unpacking at the port of destination. , unpacking fees and storage fees. Moreover, if the goods cannot be stored and transported in time, there will also be a storage loss fee.

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