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Container Shipping Services to USA refers to the use of large containers such as containers as carriers to assemble goods into integrated units, to use large-scale loading and unloading machinery, and large-scale vehicles for loading and unloading, handling, and transportation in the modern circulation field.

To better realize door-to-door shipping from China to USA, a new, high-efficiency, and high-efficiency transportation method.

Fees for Container Shipping Services to USA

The FCL Container Shipping Services to USA are divided into three parts.

1. Basic Shipping = Basic Shipping per Unit × Number of Cases

2. Port surcharge Port surcharge = port surcharge per unit × number of cartons

3. Fuel surcharge Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge × number of boxes

Actual freight rates are calculated based on base rates and surcharges.

The freight rate is equal to the freight rate multiplied by the freight tons.
Generally speaking, the freight shipping quote = base freight + surcharge

Calculation method of LCL Container Shipping Services to USA

Actual weight = physical weight of the goods after weighing
Cargo volume = cargo length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 1000000

Weight standard: billed by volume (ie: length * width * height to obtain volume and then converted into CBM), single ticket less than 2CBM billed according to 2CBM; actual weight billed according to 1CBM=363KG volume

Container Shipping Services to USA

Container Shipping Services to USA

Specifications of Container Shipping Services to USA

Each container has a unique box number (container number) in the world – composed of four letters and seven Arabic numerals, the first three letters are the shipping company code, the fourth digit is U, and the last Arabic numeral is the school code verification.

The common size of the container

40-foot high cabinet
40 feet long, 9 feet 6 inches high; about 12.192 meters long, 2.9 meters high, and the general loading is about 68CBM.

40 feet general cabinet
40 feet long, 8 feet 6 inches high; about 12.192 meters long, 2.6 meters high, and the general loading is about 58CBM.

20 feet common cabinet
20 feet long, 8 feet 6 inches high; about 6.096 meters long, 2.6 meters high, and the general loading is about 28CBM.

45 feet high cabinet
45 feet long, 9 feet 6 inches high; about 13.716 meters long, 2.9 meters high, and the general loading is about 75CBM.


Container Shipping Services to USA

Container Shipping Services to USA


Company of Container Shipping Services to USA

Below is the ranking of shipping companies that offer Container Shipping Services to USA:

1. Maersk

Maersk provides customers with a variety of one-stop services, including export logistics, warehousing, distribution, air freight, sea freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and towing services. Maersk can tailor various services according to the specific requirements of customers.

Such as labels, bar codes, pick-up packaging, special handling of goods, hanging clothes storage, customer management, and other high-value-added services. Maersk Logistics entered China in the late 1980s and had 16 offices in China the late 1980s.

All countries have offices and 656 container ships, making great contributions to the development of the world economy. Xiongda International Logistics is Maersk’s freight forwarder in China.

2. MSC

MSC is headquartered in Switzerland. Initially, MSC only developed routes in Africa and the Mediterranean. In 1985, it began to develop routes in Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. After just a few years, it occupied most of the market. Today, MSC has 215 routes around the world. The dock is already the second-largest shipping company in the world.


COSCO SHIPPING Lines, a subsidiary of China COSCO Shipping Group, owns 470 container ships, ranking third in the world in terms of container capacity. The company operates 401 shipping routes and has 356 ports of call around the world.


Container Shipping Services to USA


4. CMA

CMA CGM is a French shipping company that has contacts with more than 100 countries. It is also one of the main international liner carriers in China. It has docking points in major ports in my country, with 4,834 container ships and container capacity. 4th in the world.

5. HPL

HPL is a German shipping company dedicated to globalized container services. The company has maritime relations with more than 100 countries around the world and has 237 container ships. It is one of the top five shipping companies in the world today.

6. EMC

EMC Shipping is famous at home and abroad for its unprecedented global east-west two-way all-container regular routes.

Evergreen Shipping is not satisfied with the status quo, dares to innovate, and constantly changes its operation strategy in line with the changes of the times. In 2002, it replaced the previous two pendulum routes with the more advanced route. The company is in a leading position in the world in terms of transportation capacity and fleet size.


YML Shipping was established in Taiwan, China. The company now has 92 ships and is the only large temperature-controlled logistics center with multiple temperature layers in the world. It has exclusive logistics bases in Europe and America and has an efficient logistics network.

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