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The container price from China to USA includes FCL freight from China to the United States and LCL freight from China to the United States.

In detail, FCL and LCL can be divided into shipping from different ports and cities to various ports and cities in the United States. Different shipping modes and different shipping demands affect the level of shipping costs.

More than 13 million standard containers (one 20GP container is a unit) were shipped to the US from China in 2018.

The average  container price from China to USA is about 1500 DOLLARS. The freight from China to the western ports of the United States, such as Los Angeles, Long Beach and Seattle, is far related to the shipping cost to the east of the United States, New York and Miami. The shipping cost to the West of the United States is cheaper, and the shipping cost to the East of the United States is twice as high as that to the West of the United States.

The inland areas transported to the Midwest of the United States are usually transported by train or truck in the seaports of the East and West of the United States, and some cities near Chicago are transported by truck in Toronto, Canada, which has a strong advantage in sea freight and transportation time.

container price from China to USA
container price from China to USA

The container price from China to USA  includes FCL sea freight and LCL.


FCL of  container price from China to USA  is calculated by one standard container. For example, the sea cost of a 40-size high container from Yantian Port to New York Port is 3800 DOLLARS. It refers to the freight between ports, which is released to customers in the market by shipping companies.


The LCL of  container price from China to USA is calculated according to one cubic meter or 365 kg as a unit, which is suitable for small batch cargo transportation. The LCL freight from China to The United States is issued by the international freight forwarders, and the price level and related local miscellaneous fees are published by their companies. So we should make clear who decides the sea freight.

price increase period

The container price from China to USA will change with the fluctuation of the season, and the container sea freight usually rises more obviously in the following time nodes: “May Day”, “National Day”, “Christmas”, “Spring Festival” about one to one and a half months before.

Because the ship from China to the United States takes about 12 to 25 days. Shipping charges will go up at this point. The second half of the traditional international shipping is also peak season, so the second half of the sea freight will be much higher than the first half of the year.

The LCL of of  container price from China to USA is relatively fixed and will fluctuate no more than USD10/CBM from one year to the next. There is not much to worry about if you send LCL by sea.

container price from China to USA
container price from China to USA

The cheapest  container price from China to USA should be specific according to the size and weight of your product attributes and packaging.

In terms of the average container price from China to USA of the total goods in the market, the sea freight of FCL in commercial transportation is the cheapest, because the product types of commercial imports are basically relatively single, and the packing and import and export declaration are relatively normalized, so the total cost is the cheapest.

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How long does it take to shipping  from China to USA?

Shipping from China to the United States, to the east coast and west coast routes, are different. The ship is shipped to the West Coast of the United States (usually to Long Beach or the Port of Los Angeles), and the sea is shipped by the Pacific Ocean. The sea voyage takes about 13 to 16 days because the shipping company is different and the price is different, so the time varies. But for slow ships, the time is about 30-40 days to arrive at the port for extraction.

And to the east coast of the United States is through the Pacific Ocean, then through the Panama Canal, and finally, to the east coast, the sea voyage time is about 25-28 days. Of course, you can also transport the goods to the west coast, and then through the inland transport to the east coast, commonly known as MLB, the time is about 21-23 days, but more expensive than the sea. So with the time of extraction and delivery, about the whole aging period will be about 40 days.

container price from China to USA
container price from China to USA

What is container price from China to USA?

For more than a decade before 2019, a 40-foot container price from China to USA is about $2,000. But in the past two years, the cost of shipping the same container has risen to $20,000, forcing many shoppers to scramble for space.

The decline of sea freight caused a lot of people’s attention. Because, although China’s export situation is good in recent years, the growth rate is rising, and many foreign trade enterprises have fallen into the dilemma of “increasing income but not increasing profits” because of the 10-fold increase in sea freight.

And, many people want to know, is this year’s sea freight drop like last year’s “false fall”? Or is it a real correction? After all, sea rates fell by half in September and October last year, but quickly rose again.

However, after this year’s Spring Festival, sea freight has been falling to the present. In those four months, sea freight has roughly halved from a high of $18,000 this year to about $8,000 today.

container price from China to USA
container price from China to USA

Composition of freight to port by sea:


Cost composition of FCL shipping to America: O/F+ORC+AMS+DOC+TLX. Namely, “sea freight + port of departure collection fee + automatic manifest declaration fee + document fee + telex release fee”.


Cost composition of LCL shipping to USA: O/F+CFS+DDC+AMS+ISPS+ warehousing charge + charge +DOC. Namely, “sea freight + LCL + pick up at port + automatic  manifest declaration fee + port security fee + warehousing fee + documentation fee”.

Shipping double clear to the door is simple and clear, direct bulk cargo LCL according to the volume, weight billing, and the whole container according to the cabinet type calculate freight. List of ocean freight prices in the United States.

Generally, the price of slow boats varies from 12, 13, and 14 yuan, depending on the peak season or other actual conditions. The price of the clipper ship will be a little more expensive than the slow ship, but the aging will be much faster, the price is generally around 12, 13, and 14 changes. But this year’s fast ship shipping has been far more than this price, specific details you can consult our online customer service.

Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics focuses on Sino-US shipping for 16 years and 7 years of Amazon FBA logistics experience and can provide you with Maston shipping and EXX shipping. Maston can arrive in Long Beach in 11 days from Shanghai, China, and can be dispatched to all addresses in the United States in 15-18 days.

We can provide you with customs clearance service, without your need to worry, we can provide you with a one-stop service, Help you save logistics costs and save logistics time. For more and more detailed shipping costs, please consult the official customer service.

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