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How much does the container cost from China to USA?

The container cost from China to USA is around $8,500 (20ft container to US west coast) and $10,500 (20 inch container to US east coast), up to $15,000 for a 40HC container to west coast and up to $18,000 east coast.

These rate examples are for China local charges + China export documents + ocean freight from China to US ports.

The United States accounts for more than 26% of total global consumption. Fees vary by coast and country. For example, from Madrid to Savannah, prices start at $1,085 for a 20-foot container. The United States mainly imports machinery, electronics, vehicles, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, precious metals, gems and jewelry, furniture, and more.

Exports include food and beverages, animal feed, petroleum products, auto parts and more. If the volume of goods is large, many people will choose to transport them in containers.

However, consumers in the United States have become accustomed to online shopping. They have purchased their favorite mobile phone cases, jackets, milk tea equipment, hot pot base materials, screws from China Taobao.com, JD.com, Suning.com, Pinduoduo, and 1688 wholesale platforms.

Fans, Laoganma, clothes, books, glasses, retail, beds, stools, sofas, curtains, wooden floors, ceramics, tableware, desks, outdoor sports equipment, auto parts, etc.

How to shipping from China to USA? What is the container cost from China to USA is something that many American buyers are more concerned about.

container cost from China to USA
container cost from China to USA

Major U.S. Container Ports

New York Harbor

The Port of New York is a large seaport in the United States and one of the largest seaports in the world. It is located at the mouth of the Hudson River in the northeastern United States and faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east. In 1980, the throughput reached 160 million tons.

And it has exceeded 100 million tons for many years, with an average of more than 4,000 ships entering and leaving each year. It is also the name of a river.

Port of Long Beach

The throughput in 2005 was 6,709,818, an increase of 16.1% over the previous year, ranking 11th in the world. Compared to Los Angeles’ traffic jams, Long Beach has a lot less of a problem in this regard.

“The increase in container throughput in Long Beach is being driven by increased U.S. consumer demand and increased manufacturing capacity in China,” said Long Beach Port Authority Director John White.

Port of Los Angeles

It is located at the tip of San Pedro Bay on the southwestern coast of California in the southwestern United States. Close to the eastern Pacific Ocean, it is the largest container port in the United States.

container cost from China to USA
container cost from China to USA

Port of Chicago

The Port of Chicago is one of the largest ports in the United States. It can reach Europe directly via the St. Lawrence Inland Waterway, or it can provide barge transport to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi River.

Port of Seattle

Located on the east coast of Puget Sound on the western coast of Washington State in the northwest of the United States and on the southeast side of the Juan de Fuca Strait on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, it is the second largest container port in the United States and the closest port in the United States to the Far East.

How does the container cost from China to USA calculated?

While the container cost from China to USA may vary between origin and destination ports, there are other factors to consider.

For example, the type of container you need, the size of your cargo, the Incoterm you choose, or the estimated transit time are the main factors that determine the the container cost from China to USA.

However, other variables, such as the special conditions of your shipment, may affect your offer.

The number of containers shipped from China to the United States in 2018 exceeded 13 million TEUs (a 20GP-sized container is a unit). The average container cost from China to USA is about 1,500 US dollars.

China to the western ports of the United States: Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Seattle are far related to the container cost from China to USA ,New York and Miami in the east. Shipping to the East of the United States is twice as high as to the West of the United States.

Shipping to the inland areas in the Midwest of the United States is usually carried by trains or trucks at the shipping ports in the east and west of the United States.

And some cities near Chicago are transferred by trucks in Toronto, Canada. There is a strong advantage.

container cost from China to USA
container cost from China to USA

The container cost from China to USA include FCL shipping and LCL charges.

The shipping cost of FCL is based on one standard container. For example, the shipping cost of a 40-size high-container container from Yantian Port to New York Port in the United States is USD 3,800, which refers to the shipping cost between the port and the port.

This the freight is released by the shipping company to the market to the customer;The container cost from China to USA of LCL algorithm is calculated based on one cubic meter or 365 kilograms as a unit, which is suitable for the transportation of small batches of goods.

The LCL freight from China to the United States is issued by the international freight forwarder, and the price varies with The relevant local miscellaneous charges are the standard published by their company. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish who decides the level of sea freight.

The container cost from China to USA will change with the fluctuation of the season. The container cost from China to USA usually rises significantly at the following time points: “May 1st Labor Day”, “National Day”, “Christmas”, “Spring Festival” About one to one and a half months ago.

container cost from China to USA
container cost from China to USA

Because the ship from China to the United States takes about 12 to 25 days. Shipping costs will increase at this point in time. The traditional international shipping in the second half of the year is also a peak season, so the shipping cost in the second half of the year will be much higher than that in the first half of the year.

The cheapest container cost from China to USA depends on the properties of your product and the size and weight of the package. In terms of the average shipping cost of the total goods in the market, the shipping cost for commercial transportation of a large number of containers is the cheapest.

Because the commercial imports are basically of a single product type, and the packing and import and export declarations are also more standardized. So the total cost is the cheapest.

For more information, please feel free to contact us, I will reply to your questions as soon as possible.

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