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The COC certificate is the customs of the importing country in many countries that requires the importer to provide a certificate of conformity (COC, certificate of conformance) issued by a recognized international certification company for the batch of goods. Among them, SASO stipulates that imported goods must have a COC customs clearance certificate.


COC certificate


What is the significance of the COC certificate for export products?

Guaranteed customs clearance

Each batch of goods needs to have a COC test certificate for customs clearance. No matter how many containers are loaded, only one needs to be provided. The OC test certificate is the key to ensure the smooth customs clearance of export products.

Ensure public safety

The COC certificate is the quality inspection of the product. Only qualified products can obtain the COC test certificate. The COC test certificate can guarantee the market security of the importing country, and at the same time protect the common rights and interests of manufacturers, importers and consumers.

Put an end to fake and inferior products

All importers will have corresponding certification requirements for imported products. The COC test certificate is a guarantee for the quality of the product, especially when it is exported to Iraq and other countries, the COC certificate requirements are more stringent.

Products that have obtained COC certification are representatives of qualified quality, allowing consumers to buy more assured products.

Products of US imports from China

The information to be included in the COC certificate

1. Product information (name and description)

2. All laws and regulations applicable to the product

3. The name and address of the manufacturer must be included. If the seller is a manufacturer, the manufacturer name must match the legal company name on the Seller Information page in Seller Central;

The manufacturer’s address must match the business address, official registered address, or return address (under Return Information) on the Seller Information page in Seller Central. If it is not the manufacturer, please confirm that the seller has an invoice from the manufacturer. the

4. The contact information of the person who maintains the test report record, that is, the contact information of the test report holder. the

5. The production date and address of the product, the production date must be in the month and year, and the address must be in the city;

6. Detection time and address

7. The name and address of the laboratory performing the test;
COC certification How to apply for COC customs clearance certificate?

Buy Wholesale From China

Required information for COC certificate

  1. Packing list: Packing List
  2. Proforma Invoice: Proforma Invoice
  3. IDF: Import license, which is handled by the importer in the importing country, and provided to the exporter for PVOC after completion
  4. Product test report: If there is already a test report, it is not necessary to repeat the test, except for the sample test. Most products can accept ISO + internal test report
  5.  Application form: The blank application form is provided by the handling agency

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