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The main job of Chinese shipping agent company to USA is to accept the entrustment or authorization of the client to handle various businesses required for international trade and cargo transportation.

The Chinese freight forwarder accepts the customer’s entrustment to complete all aspects of cargo transportation, and can serve the customer directly through the freight forwarder or other agencies hired, or use his overseas agent to provide services.

In the import and export business of Chinese shipping agent company to USA, the procedures of consignment, delivery, storage, customs declaration and insurance are quite complicated, requiring the operator to be fully familiar with the business. The emergence of international freight forwarders has solved this difficulty for importers and exporters.

Chinese shipping agent company to USA usually entrusted by customers to complete a certain link of cargo transportation or various links related to it. They can serve customers directly through freight forwarders or other agencies hired by them, or use their overseas agents to provide services.

Chinese shipping agent company to USA

Its main services include:

1. On behalf of the consignor (exporter)

(1) Select the transportation route, transportation method and appropriate carrier;

(2) Provide cargo collection and space booking to the selected carrier;

(3) Pick up the goods and issue relevant documents;

(4) Study the terms of the letter of credit and all government regulations;

(5) Packaging;

(6) storage;

(7) Weighing and measuring size;

(8) arrange insurance;

(9) Go through the customs declaration and document formalities at the port of the goods, and hand over the goods to the carrier;

Chinese shipping agent company to USA

(10) Doing foreign exchange transactions;

(11) Pay freight and other expenses;

(12) Receive the issued original bill of lading and pay to the consignor;

(13) arrange cargo transshipment;

(14) Notify the consignee of the cargo status;

(15) Record the loss of goods;

(16) Assist the consignee to claim compensation from the responsible party.

2. On behalf of the consignee (importer)

(1) Report the cargo status;

(2) Receive and review all documents related to transportation;

(3) pick up the goods and pay the freight;

(4) Arranging customs declaration and paying taxes and other fees;

(5) Arranging storage during transportation;

(6) Deliver the customs-cleared goods to the consignee;

(7) Assist the consignee in storing or distributing the goods.

Chinese shipping agent company to USA

Benefits of using Chinese shipping agent company to USA

Professional service

If you need to contact the Chinese shipping agent company to USA to transport the goods in person while purchasing the goods, then this will be a laborious task. Maybe you are a professional in purchasing, but in transportation, you are a bit of an amateur and it is easy to screw things up.

If you choose Chinese shipping agent company to USA, it will save you time and money in finding shipping companies and dealing with other issues.

Fast delivery

With a shipping agent in China, you don’t have to worry about delivering your product or tracking information. Because qualified freight forwarding companies have a complete cargo tracking system. They can guarantee that your goods will be transported under your sight, and also improve the speed of delivery.

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