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The China to USA sea freight, The ship of USA route is more familiar to everybody is Matson. But besides Matson, what other shipping companies do you know? What are the main shipping companies and routes for Sino-US shipping?Today I want to tell you, after all, in addition to the Matson Clipper, China to USA sea freight, what ship in the clipper? Can we provide the seller with a choice?

From China to USA sea freight, shipping companies, including KLINE, COSCO, NYK, OOCL, HPL, EMC, APL, MSK, ZIM, and so on, how long will the time limit be?

The China to USA sea freight, Ports: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, SanFrancisco, SanFrancisco, Seattle, Tacoma.

The China to USA sea freight, East Ports: Portland, New York, Norfolk, Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore, Houston, Wilmington, New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville.

The shipping from China To USA,Taking FCL from Shanghai to Los Angeles as an example, it takes about 13 days for carriers such as HPL, KLNE, CMA, and NYK, 15 days for carriers such as APL, WHL, OOCL, COSCO, and PIL, and about MSC.

shipping from China to Amazon FBA cost
shipping from China to Amazon FBA cost

Taking FCL from Shanghai to New York as an example, shipping companies such as KLINE, COSCO, NYK, OOCL, HPL, EMC, and APL require a voyage of 28 days, while shipping companies such as HMM, MSK, ZIM, and MSC require a voyage of 30 days.

The China to USA sea freight, Matson Clippers

Matson is the king of the Sino-US route! This year, the price of Matson has even caught up with the air freight price before the epidemic. The peak price reached 60,000 US dollars per container, which is more than 30 RMB per kilogram for a regular ship! So Matson is not only the king of speed but also the king of price. At present, the price of the United States line shipping should be the most expensive.

Matson Clippers have three main routes, namely CLX (regular ship), CLX+ (overtime ship), and CCX line. Matson Clipper is characterized by stable sailing time, regular ships have independent private docks, which can guarantee the unloading speed of the same day for ten years (fast enough), so Matson regular ships are almost not affected in the peak season, can maintain the stability of the whole route.

Matson’s overtime ships are slower than regular ones because they dock at public docks, but they spend 11 days at sea. The difference between shift and overtime is in the dock. It is possible to dock at a private dock on a good day, but only if the Crew of the Matson Overtime ship is American.

Another feature of Matson is that its service efficiency is calculated by hours rather than days. Matson Clipper does not call Shenzhen. South China sellers need to start from Ningbo or Shanghai.

China to USA sea freight
China to USA sea freight

The China to USA sea freight, CMA clippers

CMA’s EXX Clipper is APL’s Eagle Express X (EXX) route on the market, a boutique 11-day non-stop flight service to Los Angeles. This period up to fly clipper is also very hot, or the first to put forward the temporary price of the shipping company. CMA has officially decided to stop all spot rate increases! The measure will take effect immediately from 9 September 2021 until 1 February 2022.

The CMA EXX Clipper also has the reputation of little Matson. EXX clipper time is not lost to ZIM clipper, even comparable to Matson clipper, as Matson clipper overtime ship, in addition to the advantage of time, there is an advantage is CMA EXX express will be time-sensitive goods marked “priority goods” mark and enjoy a refund guarantee.

The China to USA sea freight, WHL clippers

WHL Express belongs to WHL Shipping Group, which is the largest shipping company in Asia with the most intensive voyage and the most complete service network.

The China to USA sea freight, Main routes:

WHL the Spanish-American route: AA1 Port Shanghai Ningbo

WHL the Spanish-American route: AA5 is connected to Yantian

WHL East Route: Taipei-Xiamen – Shekou – Gaimei Port – New York – Savannah – Taipei along AA7.

shipment from China
shipment from China

The China to USA sea freight, ZIM Clippers

ZIM to star shipping launched in June 2020 from Shenzhen Yantian direct electricity of Los Angeles clippers, direct flights to Los Angeles takes just 12 days, 12 hours the ship unloading cabinet, 10 working days after shipment by extraction, can quickly connect the railway to other destinations in the United States, for example, Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, Kansas, and New York. Once launched is a dark horse line.

The China to USA sea freight, EMC Clippers

Yantian Clipper refers to the EMC Evergreen Clipper, which plays an important role in trans-Pacific shipping between Shenzhen and the West Coast of the United States. EMC has been operating in more than 80 countries for more than 20 years, and its strength is beyond doubt. As the southern clipper, before the ZIM clipper was opened, it undertook most of the shipping clipper business in south China.

EMC Clipper is 13-15 working days to extract. The biggest advantage of Dingti is that it has a special dock, so there is no need to worry about the congestion of the port and dock during peak season. Known as the day of unloading, 24 hours can pick up the container, stable speed throughout the year.

The China to USA sea freight, COSCO Clippers

In October 2021, COSCO Shipping launched the DIRECT passenger express line to the USA Through accurate analysis of the current supply and demand situation and logistics situation in the North American market, COSCO Shipping actively raised incremental transport resources with the help of strong coordination ability and launched the first major service in the industry — “Direct passenger Express Line to the United States” in Shandong port. Including the Port Princes EXPRESS and The Los Angeles EXPRESS

Cosco Shipping is a famous shipowner in China! The newly opened “Prince Harbor Express line” will deploy 5 4250 teU ships, one shift per week, which will greatly enhance the shipping capacity from Qingdao to the United States and effectively relieve the pressure on the shipping space supply. But for now, COSCO only accepts goods from direct customers.

shipping from China To USA
shipping from China To USA

The China to USA sea freight, MAERSK Clippers

Maersk, the world’s largest shipowner, also launched its American Express route this year, though it is targeting big sellers. Maersk either doesn’t make a move or makes a move! Exclusive self-run fleet, attached to its dock, basically realized “competitors have, he has”, such as small ship port speed.

Maersk’s new line has all the features of a cross-border e-commerce “clipper” :

Target the lucrative high-end market
Exclusive operation
Few port connections
Use small and medium-sized container ships to achieve the shortest sailing time
Advantage: The destination port is attached to its dock


The China to USA sea freight, Ali the clippers

Ali Express launched its Sino-US route in August, providing a one-stop service for small and medium-sized cross-border sellers on the platform. But Ali clippers are more low-key, less publicized. There are also sources that Ali Clipper is an upgrade of Ali logistics services, not to enter the shipping industry.

The above is the introduction of some mainstream Routes between China and the United States, everyone understands?

The same shipping company, different shipping schedule, the speed will be a day or two different. For example, if the ship leaves On Thursday and Saturday, it will arrive in 14 days.

If it’s Friday and Sunday, it’s 11 days. The boat to Oakland (OAK) also leaves on Friday and Sunday, and it takes 15 days to arrive. Shipping from China to the United States, to the east coast and west coast routes, are different.

To the west coast of the United States, sea freight flat ocean, about 13 to 16 days, because the shipping company is not the same as the price is not the same, so the time is long and short so to the United States Amazon FBA head shipping, want to speed shipping, recommend (Matson clippers), the main speed is quite powerful 11 days to the port, 15-18 days to the door

China to USA sea freight
China to USA sea freight

China arrives USA shipping price, different export port, destination port its collect fees standard is different, but China arrives at the United States shipping price valuation method is the same. The shipping price from China to the United States is calculated by weight, volume, and weight and volume. Specific Shenzhen Shipping forwarder for you to introduce:

FCL: FCL freight from China to the United States is divided into three parts, the total freight = the sum of the three parts.

Basic Freight = unit basic freight × FCL number

Port Surcharge = Unit Port surcharge × FCL number

Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge × FCL number

LCL: There are only basic freight charges for China sea freight, which are calculated by volume and weight

Calculated by volume, X1= unit basic freight (MTQ)× total volume

Calculated by weight, X2= unit basic freight (TNE)× gross weight

China to the United States shipping price final weight and volume, the two choose one, the volume by volume, weight by weight.

Different regional port charge standard is different

The China to USA sea freight, Ports: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, San Francisco, San Francisco, Tacoma.

The China to USA sea freight, East Ports: Portland, New York, Norfolk, Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore, Houston, Wilmington, New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville

The China to USA sea freight, FCL transport is about 620 tons

20GP= 5.98×2.35×2.38=33.44 m3 (27 tons, suitable for heavy cargo)

40GP=12.03×2.35×2.38=67.28 m3 (26 tons, suitable for light cargo)

40HQ=12.03×2.35×2.68=75.76 m3 (26 tons, suitable for framing)

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