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Shipping from China to the US is a long and complicated process. But if you choose a professional China to USA logistics company to help handle your shipments, then this matter becomes much easier.

Freight forwarders are responsible for collecting goods from your suppliers and transporting them to your destination. If you want your items to be delivered safely to the carrier in good condition and on time, look for the best China to USA logistics company.

The tasks of China to USA logistics company are as follows:

– Provide professional logistics knowledge guidance and learn about your cargo.

– Prepare all required documents for import and export, book cabins and arrange payment.

– Packing, labeling and other services for you when you need it.

– Check the condition of the goods, please troubleshoot them.

– Keep you informed about the status of your shipments and if there is any risk of delay.

China to USA logistics company

Conditions to consider when choosing an excellent China to USA logistics company 

Service Level

If you choose a China to USA logistics company with a very high level of service to help handle your shipments, your import work will become very simple. .

One of the criteria for a good China to US logistics company’s service is that it depends on how long it takes them to respond to your quote request. We all know that there is a time difference between China and the United States.

It’s a little hard for them to get back to you right away during non-working hours, they usually get back to you within 8 hours. If they take a week or more, then the company probably isn’t meeting the standard of excellence.

Proficient in customs clearance

When it comes to international imports and exports, customs clearance can be a long and time-consuming task. It may require preparation and submission of numerous documents. Problems with customs clearance are likely to cause delays in shipment.

China to USA logistics company

It is important to choose an experienced and professional freight forwarding company. A freight forwarding company handles all the documentation and ensures timely delivery of your shipment.

These Chinese to US logistics companies have a good relationship with the customs department because it is their day job. Therefore, they can obtain legal documents, customs clearance and payment in a short time.

Language communication

If you want to communicate with Chinese freight forwarders without barriers, either you have to speak Chinese, or you can only speak English for this China-to-US logistics company. A China to USA logistics company with strong English language skills can respond to your problems in a timely manner, and can solve your problems proactively and transparently.

Rich transportation experience

If you work with an experienced and reputable freight forwarder, you will be more likely to have on-time delivery and a smooth shipping experience.
Experienced freight forwarders have close links with the supply chain in the market and can ensure on-time shipments. To ensure that we provide you with professional service and on-time delivery.

China to USA logistics company

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