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China to USA FBA ocean freight can quickly and safely ship your products to Amazon’s U.S. warehouse. In this article, we will introduce you the advantages of US FBA shipping, the process and how to avoid common problems to help you do business overseas smoothly.

Choosing a China to USA FBA ocean freight forwarding company can help sellers ship their products to Amazon’s U.S. warehouse, and then Amazon will be responsible for order processing, packaging and shipping.

Advantages of China to USA FBA ocean freight

Cost-effective: Compared with air freight , sea freight from China to USA is cheaper and suitable for shipping large quantities of products.

Fast customs clearance: Cooperative logistics service providers usually have good customs clearance capability, which can speed up the clearance of goods in customs.

Flexibility: Shipping can choose the most suitable shipping method and route according to the volume, weight and destination of the goods.

Safety: Through the cooperative logistics service provider, you can ensure the safety of the goods in the transportation process.

China to USA FBA ocean freight

China to USA FBA ocean freight process

Step 1: Choose the right FBA freight forwarder. The choice of cooperative logistics service provider is crucial, make sure to choose experienced service providers who are familiar with the U.S. market.

Step 2: Prepare the products. Make sure the products are well packaged and meet Amazon’s packaging requirements to avoid damage during the shipping process.

Step 3: Book the space. According to the volume and weight of the goods, negotiate with the FBA ocean freight forwarder to book a suitable space.

Step 4: Load cargo. Before loading the cargo, make sure to verify the cargo manifest to ensure that all products are loaded.

Step 5: Export Customs Clearance: FBA ocean freight forwarder will assist you to complete the export customs clearance procedures.

Step 6: Shipping. The goods will be shipped to the United States by ocean freight.

Step 7: Import Clearance. After the goods arrive at the United States, FBA ocean freight forwarder will assist you to complete the import clearance procedures.

Step 8: Transport to Amazon warehouse. After the customs clearance is completed, FBA ocean freight forwarder will arrange the goods to be transported to the designated Amazon warehouse.

Step 9: Amazon warehouse receives the goods. The Amazon warehouse will check the goods and confirm that there is no error before warehousing.

China to USA FBA ocean freight

Tips for China to USA FBA ocean freight

1、 Understand the import regulations of the United States and make sure your products meet the local regulations.

2、 Check the product packaging to ensure that it meets Amazon’s requirements and avoid damage to the goods during transportation.

3、 Communicate with the logistics service provider in time to understand the transportation status of the goods and ensure that the transportation plan is carried out on time.

4、 Ensure that the cargo list and related documents provided to the logistics service provider are accurate in order to avoid customs clearance delays.

China to USA FBA ocean freight Q&A time:

Q1: How long is the transportation time of China to USA FBA ocean freight?
A1: The transportation time is affected by factors such as route, shipping company and destination, usually around 15-30 days.

Q2: Does the cost of U.S. FBA shipping include taxes and duties?
A2: Usually, the cost of US FBA shipping does not include taxes and duties. You may need to pay the corresponding taxes and duties when importing for customs clearance. Please consult your freight forwarding company for the specific cost.

China to USA FBA ocean freight

Q3: How to reduce the risk in the process of China to USA FBA ocean freight?
A3: Choose experienced logistics service providers with good reputation; ensure the quality of product packaging; understand the U.S. import regulations; maintain good communication with logistics service providers to understand the status of goods.

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