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What are the ways of China to US shipping?

Sea freight

Ocean freight is one of the most common methods of China to US shipping, if your cargo exceeds 2 CBM (cubic meters), you should consider ocean freight. 90% of global trade is carried by sea.

The reason so many shippers choose ocean freight is its versatility in handling any type of cargo, regardless of its nature, size or weight.

Sea freight from China to USA offers shippers an economical option to transport large, bulky and oversized cargo without worrying about the size and bulk of the cargo being an issue.

Some of the most common goods shipped by sea include: textiles, accessories, hardware, shoes, general merchandise, and more.

On the other hand, ocean shipping is also a more environmentally friendly methods of China to US shipping, emitting less gas and reducing the negative impact of the logistics industry on the environment.

China to US shipping

Air freight

If you are looking for a faster way to transport small and light cargo, air freight is a viable option. Air cargo volumes are growing rapidly, and demand for high-value cargo is steadily rising.
Air freight is characterized by speed.

Manufacturers and companies use this shipping method to transport much-needed goods in destination countries, enabling them to fulfill urgent orders or increased demand.
Because of this, air freight is best for shipments that need to be shipped quickly, and for perishable and fragile shipments. There is also less handling of air cargo, reducing the risk of damage and loss.
However, air freight can be expensive and has more size and weight restrictions than ocean freight. Therefore, it may not be suitable for large and bulky cargo for China to US shipping.

International express

First of all, the most commonly used courier companies from China to the United States are: DHL, FEDEX, EMS, UPS. The service covers 220 countries and regions around the world, and large and small items can be delivered.

Reasonable use of the advantages of each courier company forms complementarity. Can use the most reasonable and convenient international express.

China to US shipping

What are the characteristics of China to US shipping?

Advantages of sea shipping
Can accommodate any cargo, regardless of its nature
Suitable for large, heavy and oversized cargo
Environmental friendly
Efficient and economical
Routes to almost all countries in the world
Multiple transport advantages..

Advantages of air freight

Fast shipping.
Little to no handling and movement of goods before China to US shipping.
Fewer documents and paperwork required.
Reliable shipping time.
More cargo security.

Advantages of express delivery.

The time is fast. For some products with relatively light weight and relatively small volume, it is very suitable for mailing on the China-US special line. Compared with the cost of international express, it is also more affordable, so it can be said that the cost performance is still relatively high.
The customs clearance ability is strong, and the time is the most stable, especially the mainland DHL and Hong Kong DHL. Usually about 3 working days to sign.

China to US shipping

How long does it take from China to US shipping?

Air transport

Standard air freight between China and the United States generally takes about 8-10 days. It’s not that planes are slower; it comes down to the fact that the air freight process is more complicated than express freight. Express Air Freight service usually reduces shipping time by 2-3 days compared to Standard Air Freight.

Sea freight

Door-to-door shipping from China to the United States takes about 15-40 days, with the longest delivery time for ocean shipping. That’s because boats move much slower than planes.

In addition to requiring extra preparation, ocean liners are also starting to slow down to save fuel (and money). For example, U.S. Customs requires importers to use a single entry bond and travel by sea also requires an ISF bond.

On top of that, port congestion, customs delays and adverse weather conditions affect ocean freight more than air freight.

If you need to ship your goods faster, ocean shipping offers great service. Depending on requirements of China to US shipping, expedited shipping may be able to really reduce transit time. In some cases, it may even be competitive with airfreight delivery times.

Speed up your freight work by streamlining the ocean shipping process and only pairing it with faster ocean shipping and premium trucking services. This makes expedited shipping a good option when China to US shipping.

China to US shipping

express delivery

For domestic shipments to the United States, international express delivery is normally 2-7, and the fastest DHL express can normally arrive in about three days. It depends on what kind of items you have, the weight and size and the shipping method you choose.

The time for China to US shipping depends on the choice of international express channels. Choose DHL, FEDEX and other commercial express, 3-7 working days can arrive in the United States.

How much does it cost for China to US shipping?

Air transport

The chargeable weight for air freight is also calculated by actual weight or volume, similar to express delivery. But air freight has its own formula for calculating volumetric weight, namely: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)/6000, which is slightly different from express delivery.

Also, if you’re shipping the goods yourself, you should know the cost of air shipping the various parts, as it’s not just the all-inclusive price.

Sea freight

Just like air freight, I’ll also give you an all-inclusive price, and you can compare prices and roughly calculate shipping. This fee includes home delivery, but does not include local logistics costs in China.

For bulk shipments, ie LCL, I will provide prices for West, Central and East US. But for the FCL price, I can only provide the cost to the port of Los Angeles, because the cost to different ports in the United States varies greatly. Moreover, the United States has more than 100 ports.

The table below will give you an overview of container freight rates based on cargo CBM.

China to US shipping
For example:
Now you want to source 400 mugs from China to Los Angeles (Western US), the size of the mugs with packaging is 19cm x 23cm x 19cm.
The total CBM for 400 PCS is: 400 x19cm x23cm x19cm/1,000,000=3.3CBM
If shipping should be $310 per cubic meter.
Therefore, the total shipping fee is $310*3.3CBM=$1,023.
Then, the average shipping cost for a mug would be:
Total Shipping/400 Pieces=$1023/400=$2.56

Express delivery

Using international express, also known as express shipping, is often more reliable and faster than postage, whether it’s DHL, UPS or TNT.
As a rule of thumb, express shipping costs about $6-8 per kg, and for packages or small items up to 150 kg, express shipping is the cheapest method for China to US shipping .

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