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There are 3 modes of shipping from China to US: express, air, and sea.

China to US shipping cost by sea

Among the export transportation channels to the United States, sea freight is very popular. Large capacity and cheap freight. So, how much does it cost per kilogram to ship from China to the United States?

China to US shipping cost by sea has different charging standards for different export ports and destination ports, but the pricing method of the shipping price from China to the United States is the same.

The general price fluctuates in the range of 1-2 US dollars and will change according to the actual situation.Next, I would like to share with you the algorithm of FCL and LCL:


The FCL freight from China to the United States is divided into three parts, and the total freight = the sum of the three parts.

1. Basic shipping fee = basic shipping fee per unit × number of full boxes

2. Port surcharge = unit port surcharge × number of full containers

3. Fuel surcharge = unit fuel surcharge × number of full boxes

China to US shipping cost


China Ocean Shipping to US LCL freight only has basic freight, which can be calculated in two ways based on volume and weight.

1. Calculated by volume, X1=unit basic freight (MTQ)×total volume

2. Calculated by weight, X2=unit basic freight (TNE)×total gross weight

The final weight and volume of China to US shipping cost by sea, choose one of the two, the larger one is based on volume, and the heavier one is based on weight.

China to US shipping cost by air

Port of departure fee: pick-up fee, port of departure operation fee, customs declaration fee, inspection fee, etc., which are mainly some expenses incurred by the port of departure. In addition to these fees there are:

1. Fuel surcharge (according to the airport, the destination price is different, it used to be 3.6, the highest was 4.8 last year. This price is adjusted by the airport)

2. Security check fee, airport operation fee, terminal fee (1.72/catties), air waybill fee.

The calculation formula of the volume is: length CM * width CM * height CM / 6000.
Weight (kg) = length (CM) X width (CM) X height (CM) / 6000; volumetric weight (kg) = cargo volume (CBM) X 167 kg.

If the obtained dimensional weight (KG) is greater than the actual weight, it will be charged according to the dimensional weight.

China to US shipping cost

China to US shipping cost – insurance

If there is no insurance, the freight forwarder will not compensate if the goods are damaged during transportation.

Most freight forwarders use Ping An Insurance to insure the cargo at 0.02% of 110% of the FOB price. Let’s say you buy $50,000 worth of goods, and the insurance will only cost you $110.

That’s a fair deal, if you ask me. In my experience, claims are easy to make and insurers are usually happy with photos and an agreement listing the quantity and value of the damaged goods.
Insurance: 0.2% x 1.1 x cargo value (included in CIF)

How to reduce the China to US shipping cost ?

Here are some examples that can help you reduce your shipping costs:

1. Consolidate your LCL cargo into one FCL container

2. Adjust your order quantity according to container capacity (eg 20” FCL = 1200 pcs)

3. Book sea freight instead of air freight

4. Book DAP or DDU transportation instead of CIF

5. Optimize the size of export cartons and product packaging to reduce the total volume of goods

China to US shipping cost

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