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Pay attention! Today I will introduce you to the guide about shipping from China to Amazon FBA .

FBA, the full name is Fulfilment by Amazon, that is, the seller delivers the goods to the Amazon fulfillment center.

Amazon is responsible for storing and managing the goods, picking and packaging the goods, and providing fast delivery, and providing local language to provide customer service and return service.

Three FBA-related labels about China to Amazon FBA

Product label

Also known as FNSKU, it is a label starting with XOO and must cover the original barcode of the product. The product label is the logo that Amazon identifies the product and puts on the shelf.

Choose Amazon Barcode.

The Manufacturer’s Barcode is the barcode that comes with the product, and the Amazon Barcode is the FNSKU product label that Amazon generates for you. This is different from the labeling service in the FBA settings.

If you choose the manufacturer’s barcode, you don’t need to post FNSKU, just UPC or EAN, but that’s a mixed storage service, which means that Amazon will put your product together with other identical products. (If the manufacturer’s barcode is still in use, it may not be stored in the warehouse).

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba


If you create a shipment in the background and display the prompt shown in the figure below, it is because the seller selected the manufacturer label when you created the plan.

The correct way is: to check whether the default label is the Amazon label in the Amazon logistics in the settings, if not, change it to the Amazon label, then sell one, and then send the FBA2, shipment label:

Refers to the label posted on the outer box of the package, marked with a shipment ID: FBAXXXXXX, a shipment number may have multiple boxes, which will be reflected in U001 and U002 of the shipment number.

It is the outer box identification of the goods when the Amazon warehouse receives the goods.

Pallet labels about China to Amazon FBA

If you shipping from China to Amazon FBA,it means that the following pallet labels should be posted on all four sides of a pallet. There are 4 pallet labels in total, which are similar to the above shipment labels. It is worth mentioning that the Pallet label will only be used during the shipping processs.

Pay attention to product labels on products from China to Amazon FBA

  • For goods sent to FBA, 2 FBA labels must be posted on the outer box of each piece of goods on different box surfaces. The posted box surfaces should be flat and intact. To avoid damage during transportation, do not post them on the ceiling opening.
  • The outer box should be clean, thick, and of good quality, and there should be necessary fillers in the box to avoid the box being squeezed and deformed, resulting in unrecognizable labels.
  • Pay attention to the goods that need to be expressed, and do not stick the express sheet on the label.
  • The label should be printed completely, try to print the label concerning the size of Amazon’s background, not too large or too small.


china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba


Shipment requirements

Box weight

USA Station

  1. Boxes must not exceed the standard weight limit of 50 lbs (22.7kg) unless they contain a single oversized item that exceeds 50 lbs
  2. For oversized items weighing more than 50 lbs, a label clearly stating “Team Lift” must be affixed to the top and sides of the box
  3. For bulky items weighing more than 100 lbs, a label clearly stating “Mechanical Lift” must be affixed to the top and sides of the box
  4. Boxes containing jewelry or timepieces must not exceed 40 pounds

UK station

UK single box does not exceed 30KG. If the weight exceeds 15KG, an overweight label should be attached.

Japan Station

Japanese standard parts: the size of a single box is 60*50*50, the length of the three sides does not exceed 160CM, and the weight limit of a single box is less than 30KG. If the FBA warehouse thinks you are the manufacturer’s packaging, it is not subject to the above restrictions.


china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba


Box size

USA: Boxes containing multiple standard-sized items must not exceed 25″ (64cm) in length on any side.

UK: It is enough that the unilateral does not exceed 65CM.

Japan: Standard parts: the size of a single box is 60*50*50, and the length of the three sides does not exceed 160CM.

Category of commodity label about China to Amazon FBA

Manufacturer’s barcode (eligible barcodes include GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN)

Amazon Barcode (ASIN, FNSKU, or Seller’S SKU)

Delivery mode selection about China to Amazon FBA

Choose truck distribution or auto transportation LCL, mainly depends on the delivery mode at the back end, if it is express delivery, choose small parcel transport, if it is truck delivery, choose car LCL, because to hit the tray.

If it is an appointment truck delivery, in addition to the outer box label, there are pallet labels (after playing the four sides of each paste one), slightly different from small parcel transport.

Dangerous Goods inspection about China to Amazon FBA

If it is not with the battery, just choose no in the process of transferring FBA directly. If it involves a battery, you can download the PDF file, fill it out and upload it directly, waiting for approval. If there is no response within 2-4 working days, you need to urge the seller to support it.

china to amazon fba
china to amazon fba

Packaging requirements about China to Amazon FBA

  1. Use six-sided rigid packing boxes with complete LIDS
  2. Use an address label with clear, complete shipping and return information
  3. Each box you include in the shipment must have its own Amazon Logistics shipment label (printed from the shipment Processing Schedule).
  4. Four labels are required for each bracket, one on the top center of each side. Each container on the pallet also needs to carry its label.
  5. When using large cartons to deliver multiple goods packed by original factories to Amazon Operation Center, please attach unique shipping labels on the large cartons used for transporting goods.
  6. If using used containers, remove all old shipping labels or markings.
  7. Pack all items individually.
  8. Use appropriate packaging materials.
  9. Use special strong adhesive tape for transportation.
  10. Place two inches of cushioning material between each item and the inside of the case.
  11. After packing the box, give it a gentle shake. Items in the box should not be moved when shaking.
  12. Use boxes that measure at least 6 “x 4” x 1 “and weigh at least 1 pound (but not more than 25” on either side and weigh less than 50 pounds overall) to reduce delivery delays.


When shipping from China to Amazon FBA,if you don’t abide by the amazon’s logistics commodities preparation requirements, safety requirements, and restrictions, may lead to the amazon operations center rejecting, abandoning, or returning your inventory goods, prohibited after you send freight to, amazon operations center or on amazon’s operations center to service or your compliance behavior no additional charges. Be sure to select suitably sized boxes for the goods to be shipped. If the container is too large, you need to fill it with enough packing material to prevent the container from collapsing under the weight of the heavier boxes stacked on top during shipping.


To obtain the best protection effect for products shipped from China to Amazon FBA, use new single-layer corrugated shipping containers with high bursting or crushing resistance marks.

  • Packaging materials
  • Bubble film packaging
  • Complete paper (preferably heavy kraft paper)
  • Air cushion
  • Polyethylene foam board
  • Amazon simple Packaging

Purpose: Amazon’s Simple Packaging program uses recyclable boxes that are easy to open and have few excess materials to avoid “excessive packaging.”

At last, If you have any other questions about shipping from China to Amazon FBA, please contact us!s, and I will endeavor to respond. 

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